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Marie Jo’s Seductive Spring Tease
Posted by amy | January 6, 2011

Belgian lingerie powerhouse Marie Jo likes to tease its customers by releasing early images of its forthcoming collections, just to get people talking and dreaming. It’s a strategy that both works … and drives us nuts.

Take these spectacular sneak-peek shots from the upcoming Spring 2011 collection of Marie Jo Haute, the brand’s top-end luxury line, for example.

Whether you’re in Paris or New York or London or Toronto right now, you’re probably still shoveling snow and the closest thing to sexy in your wardrobe is a pair of fuschia snowpants.

Then, just when we could all use a bit of sunshine and color, along comes Marie Jo with just a glimpse of what’s in store for spring. And in black-and-white! Cruel in a way, but at least it gives us something to live for.

By the way, that’s Russian supermodel Laura Blokhina in what was probably her last major shoot before cutting her hair off last month. Now THAT will be worth waiting to see too!

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