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Ligne de Soie: Silk Travelwear with Gossip Girl Buzz
Posted by connie | January 5, 2011
Azure V-Neck Top and Capri Pants | Ligne de Soie

“Luxury that travels” promises the hot lingerie brand Ligne de Soie, a mix of fashion and function that we can all use this winter holiday season.

I mean, we’ve all been there. Staring at an open suitcase, wondering what to pack and, more importantly, which clothing pieces will actually survive the journey without bunching and wrinkling beyond recognition.

Melissa Pelz, the founder of Ligne de Soie (“line of silk”), has been there too. It was why the U.S.-born, London-based Pelz decided to create a line of luxurious silk robes, which now come in both single- and double-layer designs, to satisfy her needs and those of her jet-setting friends. Popular in the U.K. for some time, and now breaking into the U.S. market, the line carries products in four different categories: Classic, Vintage, Resort and Bridal.

Recently worn by both Blair and Serena on Gossip Girl — the ultimate stamp of approval from the fashionista crowd — Ligne de Soie is a brand with buzz. (If you’re interested, Blair wore the Chinois Silk Kimono from the Vintage collection while Serena sported the Blancs de Noir Silk Robe from the Classic collection).

The line of silk loungewear and accessories has been designed with the modern woman in mind, one who both works and plays hard. The Ligne de Soie woman is also someone who appreciates beauty, femininity and luxury, as well as efficiency and functionality.

These travel-friendly pieces work for both day and night and include the kimono-style robe that started it all as well as pajamas, camisoles, capri pants, tanks, gowns and accessories. All the items fold up small to make for easy packing and are made so that they don’t wrinkle easily. Each also comes with a pouch to help protect them while travelling.

For Spring/Summer 2011, Ligne de Soie has been clearly inspired by sun, sand and the tropics. The collection includes items bursting with colors from coral to turquoise and cobalt blue.

Various pieces, like the Tropez Silk Voile Wrap, feature a graphic floral print that looks almost retro, while others like the Tropez Silk V-Neck Top are just trimmed in it. Coral is the other predominant pattern in the collection and is also featured on a number of styles including tanks and capri pants, as well as the Coral Silk Kimono Robe, which also comes with a contrasting light blue belt.

Romantic and sophisticated, Ligne de Soie’s designs carefully walk the line between feminine and too-girly, while also managing to be both vintage-inspired and modern at the same time. The line can be purchased at boutiques in London or online.

So the next time you’re pondering what to pack — or just want to infuse your boudoir with some Gossip Girl inspired style — don’t forget to make Ligne de Soie your new travel buddy.

Here are a few images from the Spring/Summer collection. The photo at the top of this post shows the Azure V-neck top and capri pants, while the one below is the chiffon bridal set.

Bridal Chiffon Robe | Ligne de Soie
Coral Kimono | Ligne de Soie
Bridal Kimono Robe | Ligne de Soie
Coral Kimono
Bridal Kimono
Eclat V-Neck Top | Ligne de Soie
Eclat Silk Capri Pants | Ligne de Soie
Eclat V-neck Top
Eclat Capri Pants
Azure Silk Gown | Ligne de Soie
Bridal Chemise Gown | Ligne de Soie
Azure Silk Gown
Bridal Chemise Gown
Tropez Silk V-Neck Top | Ligne de Soie
Tropez Silk Voile Chemise Gown | Ligne de Soie
Tropez Silk V-neck Top
Tropez Silk Voile Chemise Gown

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