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Spring Forecast: Showers Of Pink From Victoria’s Secret
Posted by richard | December 20, 2010

We may be dreaming of a white Christmas, but Victoria’s Secret is already looking ahead to spring. And the forecast? Plenty of pink, in more shades than you probably thought possible.

Over the past week, VS has been unveiling photo campaigns to go along with its spring catalogue, its 2011 swimwear line and, of course, the annual Valentine’s Day collection.

As usual, there’s quite a bonanza in store for those of us with any room left on our plastic after the holidays. And the common denominator throughout all of the upcoming Victoria’s Secret lines is pink, pink, pink.

From striped satin PJs to ruffled bikinis and, of course, an extensive collection of patterned bras and panties, VS is embracing pink and its endless palette of sister shades like never before. Do we smell a corporate strategy at work here?

Keep an eye on your local VS store to watch for the new collections, or simply wait for the catalogues. In meantime, enjoy the image gallery below, which features VS Angels Adriana, Alessandra, Candice, Lily, Erin, Lindsay and new girl on the block Katsia Damankova.

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