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Drop Dead Gorgeous
Posted by richard | December 17, 2010

Remember Charlton Heston’s immortal line from Bowling For Columbine, when he held up a rifle and defiantly roared, “From my cold dead hands!”?

Well, that seems to be how Italian women view their fine lingerie (and who can blame them)?

As if to prove the point, the Italian coffin maker Cofani Funebri has developed quite a following by churning out an annual pinup calendar featuring models in ultra-luxe lingerie preparing for their final exit, as it were. These are images from the just-released 2011 Coffin Calendar.

Cofani Funebri isn’t the only funeral home to cash in on the sex-and-death connection. Last month, we showed you a similar calendar produced by the Polish funeral company Lindner, but that’s a pure copycat. Cofani has been producing its sexy coffin calendar annually for almost a decade and, in fact, is perhaps better known for its girls than its pricey boxes these days.

Cofani also produces a novelties line that includes coffin-shaped keychains, a skull-shaped money box and T-shirts with such slogans as “Got Formaldehyde?” Be the first of your friends to rock one of these tasty items by shopping here.

Enjoy the calendar and try not to think about how creepy this all is. May we all live long enough to see next year’s version.

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