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Beaver Fur Bra Liners
Posted by melanie | December 16, 2010

Today: Canadian Chill-Busters

The Gift: Fur Bra Liners
Perfect For: Canadian Girls
Price: $35
Shop: Fraser’s Furs

We Canucks have heavily insulated goose-down coats and accessories to keep us toasty throughout the frosty season, but let’s get real: unless you’re dressed like Randy Parker from A Christmas Story (who was so bundled in his snowsuit that he couldn’t put his arms down by his side), you’re gonna feel the cold.

The women on your holiday list know that mittens and hats are a winter must-have to protect the most exposed parts of their bodies, but what about their breasts?! Not that I can personally attest that I’ve ever felt a chill in that department, but there are some women who simply cannot stay warm — regardless of how many layers they wear.

So, unless you’re freakishly blessed with being a natural radiator, there’s bound to be a giftee on your list who would appreciate these Fur Bra Liners from Fraser’s Furs. Made from tanned Maine beaver fur, the two bra inserts will keep your girls (or hers) warm whether you’re cross-country skiing or simply taking a winter stroll.

Oh, and the best part is that apart from keeping your chest nice and toasty is that they provide an ample lift for your girls; you know, in case you’re in want of that.

To give the gift of warmth this holiday season, click on the shop link above to place your order. Just don’t tell Pamela Anderson.

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