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French Lesson Panty Set
Posted by melanie | December 10, 2010

Today: The Language of Love

The Gift: Kiki de Montparnasse French Lesson Panty Set
Perfect For: Naughties Lost in Translation
Price: $295

Whether you’re in a relationship with a suave French exchange student (le sigh, my fantasy) or, like my friend, planning a trip to the City of Lights in hopes of mending a broken heart, frustrations can abound when you and beau are lost in translation.

Thankfully, Kiki de Montparnasse has come up with a naughty solution so that you can express your romantic intentions towards your beau sans explanation. Not just reserved for those involved in a romantic tryst with a hunky foreigner, Kiki de M’s French Lesson Panty Set features playfully suggestive cotton panties with enticing phrases like ‘Spank Me’ and ‘Tie Me Up’ written on the back. Ooh, la, la, indeed.

At $295, the cotton panty set ain’t cheap, but it definitely makes up for the service it provides. Seriously, imagine trying to whisper the language of amour into your lover’s ear (especially when you’re ahem, getting intimate) only having to pause every five seconds to open a Bescherelle?! Um, total buzz-kill.

Available in sizes XS-L, the French Panty Lesson Set also includes complementary wrapping and the option of adding a personal note, but in my opinion, why a note when you can slip on a specific panty to express how you really feel!

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