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A few days ago we told you about the Christmas video from La Senza UK, in which models sing/gasp/moan musical notes that correspond to their bra cup size. It turns out La Senza has a huge holiday hit on its hands.

The video, titled The Cup Size Choir, has had more than 1.3 million views on YouTube since its launch a week ago. That’s more than three times as many views as the Michael Bay-directed Victoria’s Secret Holiday Commercial, even though the annual VS seasonal jingle typically dwarfs all other lingerie marketing efforts during the busy pre-Christmas period.

La Senza’s two-minute film shows seven lingerie-clad models reclining on white mattresses laid out like piano keys. The girls gasp-moan in quasi-orgasmic musical notes to create the tune for Deck The Halls.

But is all this just jolly good fun, or is it really sexist trash that would get trounced by critics if it originated in North America?

To get a sense of the debate it’s generated, browse the 500+ comments on YouTube as viewers a) applaud, b) rate the models, or c) heap scorn on both supporters and detractors of the video. (Current score: 2000+ likes, 128 dislikes.)

La Senza UK (which is not connected to the Canadian brand of the same name that is owned by the same company that owns Victoria’s Secret) may have anticipated the video’s appeal — it set up a special microsite for the Cup Size Choir. That website allows visitors to “play” the models in order to create their own songs, record them, and share with friends via social media.

“We wanted to bring some festive cheer and what better way than the Cup Size Choir,” La Senza marketing director Sarah Hawkins told UK’s Mail Online. “The activity is aimed at men to help them with their Christmas shopping, but we hope that women will find it fun and engaging too.”

But if the video itself is questionable, the company website gives critics more ammunition. By clicking on individual models (or typing letters that correspond to their cup size), viewers make the models simultaneously writhe and moan — for musical purposes, or otherwise.

My take on this? The CCC is unquestionably clever, but it makes me queasy because it feels like DIY porn. If I were a woman I’d boycott La Senza over the holidays for promoting a message that seems to imply that poking a woman to make her gasp and moan is just good sport. If you like this sort of thing, I know the perfect Christmas gift for you: a blow-up doll.

Now, whether this is any more demeaning than the Victoria’s Secret commercial is another question entirely …

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