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We recently looked at holiday-friendly red bras. Now let’s up the ante and check out some flirty Santa-themed novelty pieces to put some sparkle into your Christmas morning.

For gals looking to dress up (and drop his jaw) this season, consider a fun little number that indulges in Christmas nostalgia. Santa isn’t just for kids, ladies.

Isolde Lingerie is a great online resource for affordable costume lingerie that doesn’t dip into porn-star territory. No latex Mrs. Clauses here. And if you’re not about to commit to a full-on candy-cane outfit, you can pick up striped stockings or the essential Santa hat instead. The hood-tie piece (above) could be layered over lingerie you already own; the deep-V velvet dress will help bring out your inner elf-vixen.

If you’re looking for something more costume-like, Girlie Lingerie lets you play “Santa’s Girl” in a super-short belted dress worthy of the North Pole. Boot toppers add detail to your look (and can be worn as part of a G-rated costume, too).

Sparkling Strawberry has a Christmas Kandy Elf costume that lets you walk the line between sexy and much-too-much. (It’s the holidays. Some of us like to overindulge in all areas.) Or mix it up with the Reindeer Games look (below). You won’t look at those cheesy dollar-store antler headbands the same again.

Finally, for those girls with bigger packages to unwrap on Christmas morning, Hips and Curves offers a great line of fantasy ideas, like the Santa’s Little Helper number below, in plus sizes. You’ll also want to check out their unique Frosty the Snow Vixen ensemble!

Whether you go all out with Santa lingerie, or just nod to the season with a Santa hat, fur trimmed shawl or super-sexy red bra, have fun this season with your lingerie wardrobe.

Disclaimer: LingerieTalk does not endorse wearing naughty Santa costumes to office holiday parties. We take no responsibility for any awkwardness that ensues if you choose to don a fur-trimmed mini instead of a chic cocktail dress.

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Sparkling Strawberry
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  1. Melissa says:

    Coquette International has some great Christmas themed lingerie in their Holiday Catalog.

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