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Skin Jewels From Bijoux Indescrets
Posted by melanie | December 7, 2010

Today: Add Some Private Sparkle
Vajazzling combo by Bijoux Indescrets

The Gift: Skin Jewels from Vajazzling
Perfect For: Attention Seekers
Price: $25
Shop: Vajazzling

We all have that friend (unless this ‘friend’ is you) who will jump atop a bar and clumsily belt out Britney Spears’ Toxic at the top of her lungs, or don the Victoria’s Secret topless bikini during your girls’ getaway in Las Vegas. You cringe because she’s so unabashed and unihibited, but can’t help but love her because, let’s face it: she had the guts to walk up to that cutie you eyed on the dance floor and sweetly introduced you two.

What better stocking stuffer to give your attention-seeking pal than the Bijoux Indescrets Breast & Vajazzle Combo?! Tucked neatly within a discreet package, the set consists of two crystal nipple tattoos and a matching crystal pubic tattoo. Each tattoo has over 150 stones that are easy to apply, and are offered in three different color combos (you know, in case your girl likes to coordinate with her outfit).

Let’s just hope that, unlike Kathy Griffin (who infamously showed off her vajazzling on national television), your pal keeps this surprise under wraps!

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