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Myla’s Feathered ‘Black Swan’ Bra
Posted by connie | November 29, 2010
Grace Feathered Bra | Myla 10th Anniversary Collection

Last month we reported on the impending debut of Myla’s 10th Anniversary capsule collection. At the time, images of the British brand’s anniversary line weren’t yet available, but they are now.

The first that caught our eye is the luxurious and deliciously impractical Grace

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Ted Baker Christmas Sock Set
Posted by melanie | November 28, 2010

Today: Learn To Love Gift Socks

The Gift: Ted Baker Bow Socks Gift Pack
Price: $38
Perfect For: Nice girls
Shop: ASOS

Remember Mr. Bean’s uncontainable excitement when he gifted himself a pair of red socks, turned to his teddy and happily exclaimed, “Christmas socks!”?…

Ma Mignonnette Casts A Seductive Spell
Posted by nadine | November 28, 2010

Put a spell on him this holiday season — literally.

Ma Mignonnette, the hand-finished luxury lingerie hailing from England, doesn’t just find design inspiration in romantic tales of passionate lovers and mystical moonlit charms. No, this label brings the fantasy to life by packaging …

Rosary Necklace And Knicker Set
Posted by melanie | November 27, 2010

Today: Redemption In A Box?

The Gift: Rosary Necklace & Knicker Set
Price: $156
Perfect For: Naughty girls with a guilty conscience
Shop: Made by Niki

Has someone on your list been a little naughty this year? And all because of you? Then offer them …

I’m continually amazed at how little critical reporting Victoria’s Secret gets from the fashion and business press. When Apple or Microsoft launch a new product, a thousand bloggers pick the thing apart. When VS does the same, editors around the world are happy to run …

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