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I’ve been a little worried lately about Lonely Hearts, the much fussed-over New Zealand design label that got a tsunami of attention after introducing its first lingerie collection in 2009.

Worried because Lonely Hearts is just the sweetly quirky DIY duo of Helene Morris and Steve Ferguson; how could they possibly be expected to handle the enormous demands on them resulting from all this adulation?

Worried because the first two Lonely lingerie collections produced some truly iconic structured bras and bodysuits whose designs are now being copied everywhere. (Check out the image below for the style I’m talking about.)

Worried when I heard they’d hired Elle Macpherson’s head designer — WTF? Were they going mass market? Maybe courting a buyout from Bendon?

Mostly though, I’ve been worried because we haven’t seen a new full lingerie collection from Lonely Hearts in too long, just a few pieces mixed in with the Fall 2010 collection of tunics and dresses and shorts.

Well, I can stop worrying.

Below you’ll find campaign shots from the new Spring-Summer 2011 Lonely collection from Lonely Hearts, modelled by the young Aussie IT girl Dempsey Stewart. As you can tell, they’ve been verrry busy!

All the Lonely signatures are here — the geometric patterns, the cutout bodysuits, the soft bras with hard-looking shapes, the retro high waists, and the clever interplay of mesh, lace and other fabrics — but this time there’s many more pieces to choose from.

I can see some StellaMc and ElleMac influences in the new range and a whole lot of European styling, but you can also see the Lonely Hearts DNA in just about every piece. Girly but bold, edgy but still feminine. And very showy.

More importantly (for our North American readers, at least) is the question-of-the-day: where can I find Lonely Hearts over here?

The good news is that LH is gradually spreading its wings distribution-wise. There’s at least two boutiques we know of that stock them: Lille Boutique in Portland, Ore., and No. A in Los Angeles.

You can also find them online through BonaDrag.com based in California, or Maximillia.com which ships from Australia (watch those freight costs, though!).

Like many boutique labels, Lonely Hearts works at its own pace and new collections arrive in stores … whenever. So keep checking those sites and eventually you’ll be rewarded!

Where To Find Cheryl Cole’s Sexy Tights
Posted by richard | November 2, 2010

Now this is what you call viral marketing!

After British singer Cheryl Cole performed her latest single on the UK talent show X-Factor last week, retailers were instantly swamped with orders for Cheryl’s wicked strappy thigh-highs.

The object of this sudden obsession is Wolford’s Bondage tights which are, to be honest, much racier when viewed from a distance. Still, the tights are now the hottest undergarment in the UK — and almost impossible to find.

High-end retailer Selfridges sold out the next day, while online retailer Tights Please reported sales were “out of control”, with its website seeing a surge of more than 3,000 additional visitors a day since the X-Factor show.

Better news if you live in the U.S., though. We found the Bondage tights still available, at $65 a pair, at Saks.com.

You can also still order them from the U.S. version of Wolford’s website or by calling Wolford directly at 1-800-488-3103. There’s also a matching bodysuit available for $335.

Act fast before they someone scoops them all up and starts selling them off the back of a wagon on High Street!

Here’s a photo of Cheryl Cole during her headline-making performance on X-Factor (where she’s also a judge, keeping company with Simon You-Know-Who!).

Beach Bunny Swimwear | Cruise Collection 2011

Finally, someone has come up with a bondage-themed bathing suit that I can wear the next time I’m lying around on satin sheets in the Beverly Wilshire waiting for Javier the massage dude to show up.

These photos are from the 2011 Old Hollywood cruise collection by Beach Bunny Swimwear, the ultra-trendy California label favored by celebrities and priced for people who get paid appearance fees.

Beach Bunny had a huge year in 2010 by expanding its collection and investing heavily in some of the world’s top supermodels for its publicity. Throw in a capsule collection from the Kardashian girls and it’s hard not to be noticed.

It looks like BB is determined to make 2011 another boundary-pushing year, starting with this campaign modelled by Victoria’s Secret familiar face Candice Swanepoel.

At a time when many lingerie labels are designing pieces that could double as swimsuits, Beach Bunny is pushing in the opposite direction. With all its lace embellishments, crossover straps and metallic doo-dads, this collection looks more like erotic lingerie than anything bound for a beach. You wouldn’t dare get this stuff wet; in fact, this may be the only swimwear you’ll need to send out for dry cleaning.

Beach Bunny 2011
Beach Bunny 2011

But will Beach Bunny’s latest attempt at trend-setting actually catch on? Are California girls (or anyone else) ready for lace bikini thongs and jewelled tie-sides? And will tan lines from pieces like the two examples above become next season’s to-die-for fashion accessory?

Time will tell. In the meantime, these pieces will look fabulous if you’re planning a week in January in a lounge chair on the Princess of the Seas.

Here’s a few more images featuring Candice and the new BB collection, which you can now buy online. Now, excuse me, but I think Javier is at the door …

Beach Bunny Swimwear | Cruise Collection 2011

Beach Bunny Swimwear | Cruise Collection 2011

Beach Bunny Swimwear | Cruise Collection 2011

Beach Bunny Swimwear | Cruise Collection 2011

Beach Bunny Swimwear | Cruise Collection 2011

Beach Bunny Swimwear | Cruise Collection 2011
A Black Silk Gem From Hopeless Lingerie
Posted by nadine | November 1, 2010

Cheryl Silk Bra | Hopeless Lingerie

Every once in a while, a piece of handcrafted luxury comes along that you can’t pass up. Something that’s gorgeous and impractical and completely indulgent.

Hopeless Lingerie consistently offers jaw-dropping works of lingerie-art that fit such a description. Will you layer everyday T-shirts over their bras? Not likely. Will you feel like a screen siren in the privacy of your boudoir? Without a doubt.

Case in point: the Cheryl Silk Bra.

This wire-free pure-silk bra is from a new collection dubbed “The Haunted.” If you’ve ever wanted a sexy piece referencing a horror film, this Evil Dead-inspired item will have you channeling an irresistible villainess.

That’s the Cheryl bra with matching coral silk bow garters in the photo above. The picture below offers another view which, admittedly, looks like an outtake from Evil Dead II.

Hopeless co-founder Gabrielle Adamidis explains the vision she and her sister shared for the collection:

“I took inspiration from the evil force that races through the forest, the wood grain of the haunted log cabin and of buckets of blood featured in the films. These ideas were subtly woven into every piece to create a collection that was both haunting and beautiful.”

And as all good things should come wrapped in a bow, this black bra is topped off with just that. Since Hopeless Lingerie hand-makes each of their items to order, you can request the bow in any color. So if blood red is more your style, don’t hesitate to further personalize this one-of-a-kind treasure.

Pair the silk bra with silk knickers and transform into a vintage pinup girl. This Aussie line won’t let you settle for boring lingerie. Special occasions will never be the same.

Shopping from the U.S.? Drool over these stunning pieces at the official Hopeless site then make your order on Etsy. Hopeless has an extensive line of vintage-inspired one-of-a-kind gems in their Etsy store, so be prepared to shop!

Expect to pay $125 for the bra alone and another $132 for the garter. Shipping to the U.S. is $14.50.

Remember that these elaborate handmade designs can take up to six weeks to arrive at your doorstep. So, plan ahead for romantic occasions that require something Hopeless!

Cheryl Silk Bra | Hopeless Lingerie

Chic girls everywhere are often faced with choosing between comfortable — think track pants and oversized, ratty T-shirts — and sexy when looking for at-home loungewear. The problem is, while many of us would love to opt for the sexy and feminine every time, such pieces just aren’t that conducive to actually lounging.

Enter loungerie, a new term used by the undergarment industry to describe a style hybrid of chic lingerie pieces that are more about easy comfort than support.

One of the new companies that have successfully brought the loungerie concept to life is Plum Pretty Sugar. Launched in 2009 and designed by the British-born, California-bred Charlotte Mills, the line features soft and silky fabrics in several colorful prints with styles that range from tanks to kimonos and tunics.

According to Mills, the brand’s style is “easy-living chic,” which seems appropriate given her California upbringing.

Mills describes the PPS collection as “the vibration of my heart,” and indeed, there is something dreamy and feminine about her creations, which promise to help any woman be both comfortable and beautiful within the privacy of her own home.

Plum Pretty Sugar‘s kimono-style robes, tunics, slip dresses, tanks and lounge pants come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Choose between cotton voile and habutai silk in patterns that evoke colorful Indian garments, a riotous garden or modern sixties chic.

Current patterns include Beckoning Creatures, the hippie-prep Pink Love Poppy, the new Lilac with Ribbons Tied up with String, and the vibrant Darling Jardin Bleu and Silk Road Sweet.

The line also offers “a garden of sweet tanks for inside or out and a lounge pant to cozy into” — a set that has also been cleverly marketed as the ideal bridesmaid gift. Not only are the sets personal and functional, but for the coordinated bride they can also provide a uniform “getting ready” look for the girls on the morning of the nuptials. Many of the pieces like the tanks and tunics can also be worn outside the boudoir as well.

Plum Pretty Sugar also offers a line of bedding and curtains, printed fabric headbands, as well as “blooms” (printed pretty sacks with secret pockets and a drawstring pull) for jewelry and cosmetics.

The line can be purchased online at www.plumprettysugar.com or on Etsy.

There’s no doubt that a Plum Pretty Sugar piece will help brighten up the coming winter and would help any woman feel more feminine and stylish, whether she is lounging around the house, getting ready for a night out or looking to bring some casual romance to her honeymoon.

Kimono Style Robe | Beckoning Creatures print

Lounge Set | Pink Love Poppy print

Lounge Set | Pink Love Poppy print

Lilac With Ribbons Tied Up With String print

Kimono Style Robe | Pink Love Poppy print

Tank and Lounge Pant | Lilac With Ribbons print

Silk Road Sweet V-back tunic

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