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I’ve been a little worried lately about Lonely Hearts, the much fussed-over New Zealand design label that got a tsunami of attention after introducing its first lingerie collection in 2009.

Worried because Lonely Hearts is just the sweetly quirky DIY duo of Helene Morris and Steve Ferguson; how could they possibly be expected to handle the enormous demands on …

Where To Find Cheryl Cole’s Sexy Tights
Posted by richard | November 2, 2010

Now this is what you call viral marketing!

After British singer Cheryl Cole performed her latest single on the UK talent show X-Factor last week, retailers were instantly swamped with orders for Cheryl’s wicked strappy thigh-highs.

The object of this sudden obsession is Wolford’s Bondage tights which are, to be honest, much racier when viewed from a distance. Still, the tights are now the hottest …

Beach Bunny Swimwear | Cruise Collection 2011

Finally, someone has come up with a bondage-themed bathing suit that I can wear the next time I’m lying around on satin sheets in the Beverly Wilshire waiting for Javier the massage dude to show up.

These photos are from the 2011 Old Hollywood cruise collection by Beach Bunny Swimwear, the ultra-trendy California label favored by celebrities and priced for people who get paid …

A Black Silk Gem From Hopeless Lingerie
Posted by nadine | November 1, 2010
Cheryl Silk Bra | Hopeless Lingerie

Every once in a while, a piece of handcrafted luxury comes along that you can’t pass up. Something that’s gorgeous and impractical and completely indulgent.

Hopeless Lingerie consistently offers jaw-dropping works of lingerie-art that fit such a description. Will you layer everyday T-shirts over their bras? Not likely. Will you feel like a screen siren in the privacy of your …

Chic girls everywhere are often faced with choosing between comfortable — think track pants and oversized, ratty T-shirts — and sexy when looking for at-home loungewear. The problem is, while many of us would love to opt for the sexy and feminine every time, such pieces just aren’t that conducive to actually lounging.

Enter loungerie, a new term used by the undergarment industry …

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