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Ma Mignonnette Casts A Seductive Spell
Posted by nadine | November 28, 2010

Put a spell on him this holiday season — literally.

Ma Mignonnette, the hand-finished luxury lingerie hailing from England, doesn’t just find design inspiration in romantic tales of passionate lovers and mystical moonlit charms. No, this label brings the fantasy to life by packaging each item with a handwritten love spell and rose quartz charm in a keepsake box. The ribbon adorning said package? Tie it in your hair. The rose petals inside? Use your imagination.

One purchase and you’ll understand Ma Mignonnette’s commitment to the “magical art of adornment.” Shy girls, prepare to channel your inner seductresses once you step into one of these delicate pieces. (For dramatic types, there’s a Tools of Seduction section on the website, with theatrical boudoir accessories.)

Naughty stuff aside, Ma Mignonnette’s decadent collections embrace fairy-tale fantasy, enchantment and glamour. The newest collection, Nights at the Circus, is inspired by the glitz of the showgirl and the romance of yesteryear and is designed with three distinct circus characters.

Inspired by both the knife-wielder and the girl on the knife-thrower’s wheel, the Dagger Doll range offers “slashed” luxury. The Dagger Doll Slashed Bra is a balconette bra sculpted to optimize your shape, and boasts ruby-hued panels that can be provocatively untied if the mood so strikes. The matching knickers are also peek-a-boo-friendly, with a ribbon-tied panel.

The Show Pony collection is for the coquette. The Show Pony customer will fall for the ruffles, intricate trimming, crystals and shades of dusky rose.

The Aerialist pieces are delicate and the vintage-inspired. Gold lace and cream ribbons decorate these powder-blue separates.

Ma Mignonnette has been on the scene for less than a year and is quickly building a swoon-worthy reputation in the affordable end of the luxury market. Drool over the cabaret lingerie and pick the enchanted piece that best speaks to your own love story; be one of the first to “discover” the bras that come with love spells.

Enjoy the very creative photo campaign below that accompanies the Nights at the Circus collection, which you can find in Ma Mignonnette’s online shop.

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