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Grown-Up Girls Need A Decent Robe
Posted by melanie | November 19, 2010

There are two types of people when it comes to bathrobes: those like me, who hang an old fleecy robe they received as a gift on the back of their bedroom door as an afterthought, and those who prefer to call them dressing gowns and don’t just wear them after a shower or when fetching the mail.

Seeing as though I will be graduating soon and entering the ‘real world’ (as my mother gleefully likes to remind me), I’ve decided that it is time to toss the grubby old cover-up and purchase a more grown-up, sophisticated robe that will resist food stains and earn its place in my closet. Here’s a few choices I’m considering:

The first robe I’ve selected (top photo) is available from Victoria’s Secret ($78) and is offered in black, ivory and blush pink. The VS satin robe also features incredibly chic contrast piping and a monogrammed chest pocket. Perfect for the frugal fashion maven, this robe would look très chic spending a gluttonous afternoon at the Ritz, and echoes Ari Dein styling without the champagne price tag.

If you prefer the feel of silk, Brulee lingerie has a simple yet sophisticated option (above) for $220. With its short length, bell sleeves and contrast piping, it’s a little piece of luxury that won’t deplete your savings account.

As the upcoming holidays are upon us, what could be better than waking up Christmas morning decked out in a festive garnet-hued robe like the one above? Calvin Klein’s yuletide-appropriate option also features floral lace trim that results in a La Perla-esque look for only $78!

Of course, every woman needs the ultimate, luxurious, knock-em-dead robe in her wardrobe. Rosamosario’s Classic Belleza silk-chiffon and lace robe ($760) provides instant sex appeal when layered over your nightwear…or nothing at all. Hopefully, Santa (ahem, note to the BF) will see that I’ve been extra nice this year!

So toss away the old robe and adopt a new, grown-up version. Sigh … if only ‘growing up’ were as simple as upgrading your style!

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