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Warm and Sexy Snoa Sleepwear
Posted by nadine | November 18, 2010

For women in a constant state of chill each winter, it seems like we have only two bedtime options: freezing in a negligee or staying warm in unsightly flannels or sweats.

It’s that dilemma that led to the launch this week of Snoa Lingerie, a new sleepwear label from San Francisco whose mission is to make us feel sexy and warm.

Snoa was born when co-founder Anh Oppenheimer, a documentary filmmaker, grew frustrated from going to bed at night in an extra-large sweatshirt and ski socks. Oppenheimer partnered with SF designer/retailer Susan Robinson to create beautiful bedtime solutions for cold winter nights. Their motto? Warm is sexy.

Snoa Lingerie boasts two distinct collections. The Basics collection, with its curve-skimming silhouettes, warms us up with a double-fabric strategy. Silk-modal jersey, an eco-friendly sustainable fiber that’s super-soft against your skin, is the inside layer, while wool jersey keeps you cozy from the outside.

The Greta Nightie is the perfect example of Snoa’s Basics collection, with its lettuced hemline, flattering cut and comfortable silk straps.

The Signature collection channels a little more glamour with items Snoa calls “over-nighties” — eco-conscious bed-jackets and wraps.

The Oona wrap, a two-sided piece of luxury, boasts organic silk fleece on one side and Snoa’s signature silk hemp (in gorgeous ice blue) on the other.

The Brigitta bed jacket will make you feel like a classic movie star, with Vietnamese silk-frog enclosures and tailoring that enhances your hourglass shape. (Yes, you have one, ladies.)

Snoa is one of a number of new boutique sleepwear and lingerie labels that use organic fabrics and are committed to earth-friendly practices. In other words, warm yourself, not the planet!

A few styles are shown below. Check out Snoa’s online store for more pieces.

Oona Wrap
Greta Nightie
Brigitta Bed Jacket
Ingrid Top & Pants

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