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The Best Lace Styles Of The Season
Posted by melmira | November 11, 2010

“Chantilly lace and a pretty face…”

The 1950s Big Bopper song goes on to mention “that wiggle in the walk and a giggle in the talk” — and we all know that feeling!

Today we want to show you some of the most exquisite lace lingerie pieces of the season.

Nothing makes us feel more fun and flirty than wearing lace! Lingerie is made of so many varieties of fabrics and combinations of colors, but absolutely nothing compares to the look and feel of lace.

Lace began being produced in the 15th or 16th century in Europe. Originally hand-made by highly skilled women, the slow production rate made it extremely expensive.

Lace making is the most complicated of all textile making processes; until the creation of machine-made lace, women literally looped and twisted delicate threads using bobbins or needles painstakingly by hand.

Life became a lot easier when machine-made lace was developed in the 1800s, when John Leavers created a machine that was able to produce a pattern on top of a background simultaneously. Astonishingly, this lace was very similar to hand-made lace. Nowadays, any lace created on the “Leaver’s machine” is known as Leavers lace.

Avant Premiere bra by Simone Perele

A perfect example of a Leavers lace is the stunning collection from Simone Perele, Avant-Premiere (above). This stretch Leavers lace combines intricate stitch work and has the appearance of being hand-made.

Many laces are scratchy or stiff, but the Avant-Premiere has the added benefit of stretch, so it hugs our curves perfectly. Most women get stressed about the idea of a totally lacey bra, but this is a flat lace so it sits smoothly under clothing. A reminder to all women out there, a totally lacey bra is also totally sexy.

Eprise Plaisir bra by Lise Charmel

If you want to see a classic throwback to retro 1950s fashions, check out one of the hottest collections on the market, the Plaisir Exquis by Lise Charmel’s Eprise label (above). Talk about the perfect combination of polka-dots and lace to add a wiggle in your walk! The soft microfiber and delicate Leavers lace embellishment make the Plaisir Exquis a dream to wear. In the Iridescent Grey color, it is one of the most stunning bras of the season.

Speaking of stunning, let’s talk about Guipure lace. Guipure is to lace what Rolls-Royce is to vehicles.

Beaute Magique by Lise Charmel

Guipure lace is created in a two-step process, hence the hefty price tag. A pattern will be embroidered onto a net background which is either water or chemically soluble. Once the detailed embroidery has been stitched, the background netting is dissolved, leaving only the thick, exquisite embroidery.

Beauté Magique by Lise Charmel highlights Guipure lace beautifully. (That’s Beauté Magique in above and in the main photo at the top of this article.) This collection in luminous silvery white embodies snowflakes, ice palaces and shimmering white fairies; even women who claim to not like lace bras can’t help but admire this collection.

Now let’s go back to the song. Why the big deal over Chantilly lace? One reason: It is gorgeous.

Chantilly is one of the original forms of lace, easily identified by floral and vine scroll work on a very fine net backing. Chantilly lace is a type of lace made with bobbins that originated in the French town of Chantilly, just north of Paris. Traditionally one of the most popular laces used with lingerie and bridal wear, it is also probably the sexiest and most feminine of all of the laces.

Goddess by Christine Morton

One of our favorite examples of Chantilly lace this season is by Vancouver-based designer Christine Morton in her Goddess collection (above). The chemise in Christine’s Goddess collection is ballet pink silk charmeuse with black Chantilly lace adornments. It is the perfect example of how a lace embellishment can completely transform a garment into a work of art.

Whether it be Leavers, Guipure, Chantilly or one of the multitude of other laces out there, every woman needs to have a little lace in their lingerie drawer.

Lace might be the smallest piece of fabric you’ve got on, but it makes the biggest difference. This is the beauty of lace — it can transform something simple into fine art, and a woman from a plain Jane into a flirty pin-up girl. And at the very least, it adds that wiggle to your walk!

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