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The latest promo campaign from the Aussie luxury label Elegantly Scant is so brilliantly obvious, it’s a wonder that no one else has thought of this before.

The new collection is called Desperate Housewives and the hilarious photoshoot does a great job of instantly identifying Elegantly Scant‘s niche in the lingerie market: this is glamorous underwear for ordinary women who have bloody well earned the right to spoil themselves.

I mean, if you MUST spend the day vacuuming or scrubbing floors, you at least deserve a gorgeous silk kimono to make the chores less of a burden, don’t you agree? You’re worth it, right?!?

There’s an authentic retro vibe to Desperate Housewives, and a deliberate nod to another American TV show — Mad Men — thanks to the use of a Christina Hendricks-like model. And underneath it all there seems to be a bittersweet message: maybe your mom couldn’t pull this off back in the suburban hell of the pre-lib 60s, but you can.

If you’re familiar with Elegantly Scant, you’ll know that the Sydney-based design team of Antonina and Ben Mohatthey have a real talent for marketing their luxurious creations. The last ES collection, Putting on the Ritz, had clients gushing over the beautiful ruffled silk and lace pieces inspired by the world of 1930s jazz culture. In particular, that collection’s Ritz tap pant found its way onto must-have lists everywhere.

The Desperate Housewives range, which will be available in December, recycles some styles from earlier Elegantly Scant collections, but there are some tantalizing new lines as well.

The lacey white Marilyn range (pictured above) is probably the least flashy line in the new collection, but bound to be its best seller. Likewise for the Nude Bomb line, which offers just a hint of flair to spice up the nude tones which, as we know, are favored by housewives everywhere.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more glam appeal, check out the new Heartbreakers range or the flashy red polka-dot line Do You Think I’m Sexy.

Elegantly Scant has already earned some enviable celebrity fans such as burlesque performer Dita von Teese and actress Salma Hayek. However, being a boutique label, it can be hard to find their pieces if you live in North America.

Online shoppers can go through, or simply visit the Elegantly Scant website.

Antonina tells us they do a brisk mail-order business to U.S. and Canadian customers — but they’re also open to new wholesale partners in North American. Hopefully some sharp-eyed U.S. boutique will take them up on that!

Below is a gallery of images from the new Elegantly Scant collection. Click on the photos for product information.

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