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I’ve been a little worried lately about Lonely Hearts, the much fussed-over New Zealand design label that got a tsunami of attention after introducing its first lingerie collection in 2009.

Worried because Lonely Hearts is just the sweetly quirky DIY duo of Helene Morris and Steve Ferguson; how could they possibly be expected to handle the enormous demands on them resulting from all this adulation?

Worried because the first two Lonely lingerie collections produced some truly iconic structured bras and bodysuits whose designs are now being copied everywhere. (Check out the image below for the style I’m talking about.)

Worried when I heard they’d hired Elle Macpherson’s head designer — WTF? Were they going mass market? Maybe courting a buyout from Bendon?

Mostly though, I’ve been worried because we haven’t seen a new full lingerie collection from Lonely Hearts in too long, just a few pieces mixed in with the Fall 2010 collection of tunics and dresses and shorts.

Well, I can stop worrying.

Below you’ll find campaign shots from the new Spring-Summer 2011 Lonely collection from Lonely Hearts, modelled by the young Aussie IT girl Dempsey Stewart. As you can tell, they’ve been verrry busy!

All the Lonely signatures are here — the geometric patterns, the cutout bodysuits, the soft bras with hard-looking shapes, the retro high waists, and the clever interplay of mesh, lace and other fabrics — but this time there’s many more pieces to choose from.

I can see some StellaMc and ElleMac influences in the new range and a whole lot of European styling, but you can also see the Lonely Hearts DNA in just about every piece. Girly but bold, edgy but still feminine. And very showy.

More importantly (for our North American readers, at least) is the question-of-the-day: where can I find Lonely Hearts over here?

The good news is that LH is gradually spreading its wings distribution-wise. There’s at least two boutiques we know of that stock them: Lille Boutique in Portland, Ore., and No. A in Los Angeles.

You can also find them online through based in California, or which ships from Australia (watch those freight costs, though!).

Like many boutique labels, Lonely Hearts works at its own pace and new collections arrive in stores … whenever. So keep checking those sites and eventually you’ll be rewarded!

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