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Laila Lee Pearl Necklace Handcuffs
Posted by melanie | November 30, 2010

Today: High-Class Tie-Downs

The Gift: Pearl Necklace Handcuffs
Perfect For: Nice girls requiring restraint
Price: $120
Shop: Laila Lee

Undecided about whether to appeal to your beloved’s naughty or nice side when gift-hunting this holiday? Fret not, because Laila Lee lets you channel Jackie O’s classic style one day and Angelina Jolie’s vixen attitude the next with these Pearl Necklace-Handcuffs.

The luminous string of 10mm Swarovski crystal pearls can be worn either as a necklace with Japanese grosgrain ribbons (gorge with an LBD), or transformed into handcuffs for some post-party subversive play. Perfect for those girls who can’t make up their minds — or those who want it all!

As an added bonus, this is a gift you can proudly show off during those Christmas visits at the in-laws. No one needs to know how you plan to wear/use it, now do they?

You can find the pearl set along with lots of other unique play items suitable for adventurous couples and gift-givers at Laila Lee, the trendy NYC lingerie boutique that also does a booming businesses in erotic accessories.

Are detachable men’s collars the next gotta-get accessory for fashionistas and club girls? That’s the plan, at least if the hip grunge-couture label DimePiece has anything to say about it.

The L.A.-based brand has included men’s collars in its catalogue for a couple of years, but this year’s new designs are real attention-getters.

Priced at $40, the Bitches Be Trippin collar (above) almost looks like a DIY fashion statement (until you’ve seen it around a few necks, that is). Too in-your-face? Then try the ironic Holy Cross collar (inset below), a striped pattern or even an elegant plain white. For even greater effect, try multiple versions of the 15-inch neckpiece, as seen below.

DimePiece is a celebrity favorite that specializes in statement-making separates, sometimes literally. Its tees, tops and dresses frequently come emblazoned with pop-art slogans or icons, and you’ve almost certainly seen its Hold Me Tight dress (with the big handprints) on A-listers like Lilo, Katy, Fergie or anyone with the initials KK.

DimePiece isn’t a lingerie label, but its brand new Save No Prayer streetwear collection for spring 2011 includes several striking pieces that show the label has paid close attention to the underwear-as-outwerwear trend.

The overall effect (and it’s intentional) is a self-confident, self-conscious urban look that is just edgy enough to put all those Valley girls who shop at AE and UO in their place.

Designers Ashley Jones and Laura Fama, who started DimePiece in 2007, say the Save No Prayer collection is meant to convey a vision of women who are “aggressive, yet feminine, angelic yet full of sin.”

I’d say they’ve succeeded, particularly with the dramatic rib-cage bandeau and the black corset-like piece with the bold criss-cross pattern. Just keep in mind these are statement pieces to bring out the exhibitionist in you — don’t even think about buying one unless you can see yourself walking along Santa Monica Blvd., trailing a crowd of admirers.

DimePiece designs are available here online, and at numerous urban-chic fashion boutiques around the U.S. Worldwide shipping is available.

The photos below are from DimePiece’s striking spring lookbook, shot by Kathryna Hancock and modeled by Sydney Roper.

Save No Prayer | DimePiece Spring 2011 Collection

Save No Prayer | DimePiece Spring 2011 Collection

Save No Prayer | DimePiece Spring 2011 Collection

Save No Prayer | DimePiece Spring 2011 Collection
Save No Prayer | DimePiece Spring 2011 Collection
Save No Prayer | DimePiece Spring 2011 Collection

Save No Prayer | DimePiece Spring 2011 Collection

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VSFS 2010: It’s Angels’ Time To Shine
Posted by richard | November 30, 2010

Russell James, the fashion photog who took this backstage shot of models getting prepped for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, shares a good story about the final minutes before showtime.

VS creative director Ed Razek, the show’s mastermind, gives a last-minute pep talk to his girls each year before the curtain rises, says James. This year, before the Nov. 10 taping in New York, Razek reminded his Angels that, given the global population of women, each model to walk the VSFS runway was “1 in 40 million.”

“There is truly a much better chance of winning the lottery than walking in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show,” he said.

Which, in a way, explains the phenomenal interest in the annual televised VS extravaganza, which airs around the world tonight on CBS: Few of us ever win the lottery, but we all love to see the winners … and fantasize about trading places with them.

There’ll certainly be lots to fantasize about in tonight’s show. The 34 genetically blessed and ridiculously happy Angels will haul ass down a 90-foot runway, blowing pouty kisses as they are bombarded by a pounding soundtrack, a whirlwind of glitter and a sea of balloons, all the while trying to stay erect on 6-inch heels under the weight of those enormous wings.

What to expect? This year’s show looks like relentless fun, with the Angels showing off elaborately impractical costumes in six themed segments — the country and sports themes, in particular, look like a riot. Katy Perry is the featured musical guest and, given two weeks of post-production, we’re betting her version of “Firework” will be considerably more tuneful than the one she delivered at the AMAs last week.

Of course, the VS Fashion Show is such an irresistible assault of pure eye candy that it’s best to put the critical pens aside and just get swept along for the ride. It’s not really a fashion show, after all. It’s part beauty pageant, part infomercial, and 100% pure circus. What’s not to love?

Here’s a few images showing some of our favorite outfits from tonight’s antics. Enjoy!

Lapin Vilardi Silk Lingerie Bag
Posted by melanie | November 29, 2010

Today: Travel In Style

The Gift: Lapin Vilardi Tuileries Luxe Silk Lingerie Bag
Perfect For: Sophisticated Frequent Fliers
Price: $55
Shop: Lapin Vilardi

Are you frantic about finding the perfect gift for the frequent flier with the most discerning of taste? Lapin Vilardi‘s Tuileries Luxe silk lingerie travel bag will please even the most finicky of travelers.

Whether you have a first-class jet-setter on your list, a business mogul who racks up the frequent flier points or a bride-to-be who’s anxiously awaiting her honeymoon departure, the common pet peeve these three probably share is packing. Not only do weight constraints force fliers to fold clothing in ways that result in a wrinkled mess upon arrival, but what about our unmentionables?

Bra straps often become a tangled knot, many delicate fabrics like lace and silk are easily destroyed and let’s face it: no one wants a security official pawing through their skivvies.

Made from three different colored silks and featuring two storage compartments (perfect to separate clean from dirty underwear, or everyday from evening lingerie), the  lingerie travel bag is the solution to packing delicates.

Not only will you ease the travel-related stress of your giftee, but the 100% silk fabric bag is made to order (it takes approximately two weeks to ship), making it the gift for the refined woman on your list!

Stella McCartney Spring 2011 Collection
Posted by amy | November 29, 2010

Here’s an early look at what to expect from Stella McCartney’s spring 2011 lingerie collection, featuring the very wintry-looking model Hannah Holman.

The full lookbook can be viewed on Stella’s website but so far there are few details about the pieces in the collection, or the availability date.

What we can tell from the lookbook is that it’s another big collection with a diverse range of styles, with only a few design signatures held over from the most recent Stella McCartney lingerie offerings. Watch for delicate, pretty pieces with some creative color elements and a few surprising adornments.

That being said, Stella is all about feel. If you check out the images below, you’ll notice an ivory satin range that includes a cami, tap short, basque and more. You’ll want to get in line for these now!

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