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Worth Repeating: Why Crystal Renn Hates Wearing Lingerie
Posted by richard | October 29, 2010

Crystal Renn is never too far from the news, whether it’s because of plum modeling assignments for Gaultier and Chanel or her outspoken views on body image.

Last week, Crystal wore new latex designs from Atsuko Kudo on the runway (sharing the stage with a poodle!) at the glittering Lingerie NY benefit. Afterward, she gave a revealing interview to New York magazine in which she confessed that she “doesn’t tend to wear undergarments.”

What she said next is worth hearing, and repeating:

“When I was really, really thin and starving myself and I thought, basically, stick-thin was absolutely the only way to be beautiful, yeah, I hated wearing lingerie. Didn’t want to be naked on sets. God, a runway? Absolutely not. I would have called my agent and run home.

“I think it’s about setting your standards to something that’s attainable. You know, don’t set a size zero as someone you look up to in lingerie. Look for someone who kind of looks like you.

“You can be beautiful at any size, and that matters. And then the lingerie, that’s just the accent. It’s really about the person inside who should feel beautiful and confident. The lingerie is just an extra touch.”

You can hear more from Crystal and other celebrity panelists on Monday, when Glamour magazine hosts a Love Your Body forum as part of its Love Your Life series of talks. The event takes place at the 92nd Street Y in New York at 4:30 p.m.

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