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It’s hard for some women to get comfortable with leather lingerie.

If you’re not a biker chick, or trying to earn some BDSM cred, or dressing up for Halloween, it can be tricky introducing leather to your boudoir. And if you’re a PETA supporter, well, it’s a non-starter, isn’t it?

Allure Lingerie, one of the leading labels in this select fashion niche, is doing its part to broaden the appeal of leather lingerie with a sexy new faux leather collection that delivers a combination of class and sass without the guilt (and cost) of real cowhide.

Allure’s new Kitten collection consists of outer- and undergarments, and covers a lot of bases — skirts, leggings, corsets, bras, panties and accessories. Each piece has the look and feel of real leather and is lined with red satin and decorated with grommets and the Kitten logo.

The collection consists of an impressive array of styles to choose from. Their selection of bustiers and corsets range from simple to jaw dropping, experimenting with collars and ribbons, and can be paired with any one of their shorts and skirts to create an enciting outfit.

While any of these pieces may be worthy of the best dominatrix, the Kitten range also lets other, less-daring, ladies take a walk on the wild side. These are perfect pieces to peek out from behind a billowy dress or a barely-there tank top.

Despite the selection of corsets and dresses and accessories, the selection of bottom-wear in the Kitten collection is unfortunately limited. With the exception of the skirts and shorts, the only underwear available for purchase is the matching g-string included with bras and corsets — and it’s not even available for purchase separately. With any luck, Allure will include some new designs with the retail launch in November.

If you’re feeling adventurous, Allure is good place to introduce yourself to the unique temptations of leather, faux leather and even PVC vinyl undergoodies. Who knows, maybe there’s been a biker chick inside you all along?

Here’s a few styles from Allure’s Kitten line, followed by a video that will give you a sense of how these pieces look and feel. Keep an eye on Allure’s website to learn where and when to find them.

Zip and Rivet Corset
Ribbon Shorts
Ribbon Bra and Skirt
Studded Bustier
Zip and Rivet Bustier
Ribbon Corset
Stud and Spike Shorts
Ribbon Collar

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