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Missing Intimissimi: Gorgeous Lingerie You Can’t Have
Posted by melanie | October 28, 2010

The French have a clever word for window shopping — lèche-vitrine, which literally translates as ‘window licking’. C’est génial, non?

The French clearly comprehend the absurd notion of window shopping. I mean, who does it enthusiastically? No one, that’s who. Window shopping is what you’re left with when you’re charging groceries on credit or suffering from that last Valentino purchase.

But you know what’s even worse? When you can actually afford something, only to feel your heart plummet upon learning it’s not available where you live, not for any price.

Such is the case with Italian luxury lingerie label, Intimissimi. More on this dilemma in a moment.

You may remember our most recent post featuring the gorgeous Bianca Balti posing for Intimissimi’s fall/winter 2010-2011 campaign. Now, the label has released a new winter 2010 campaign featuring model Diana Morales.

Morales, who is just as stunning as Balti — seriously, this label boasts one of the most impressive model rosters outside of Victoria’s Secret — is a Spanish siren who is quite petite for the modeling world, standing 5’5″.

The campaign consists of Morales posing in a variety of new styles, like a sexy sheer floral black bustier, a slate grey bra with mint green ribbon detail, flirty tartan under things, and super cozy-looking loungewear that I am DYING to wear right now. I must also mention the drool-worthy interior that is the setting of this shoot, and which has made me love the lingerie even more so, if that’s possible.

And therein lies the problem. Currently, Intimissimi is not sold in North America and it is virtually impossible to locate an online retailer. So, unless you plan on buying a $1,000 plane ticket to Rome to purchase a $100 lingerie set, I’d say you’re pretty much limited to ‘window licking’.

This would be forgivable if we were talking about a boutique brand, but Intimissimi is a leading Italian label owned by the Calzedonia group, one of the world’s leading apparel brands with over 1,200 stores. Until last year, Intimissimi was available at 200-plus Victoria’s Secret stores in the U.S., but that partnership ended without Intimissimi or Calzedonia announcing a new strategy for North America.

There’s even a discussion group on Intimissimi’s Facebook page in which grumpy U.S. fans grouse about the problem.

And yes, we contacted the company for information, and no, they didn’t respond.

If anyone has any information regarding where or when Intimissimi lingerie will be sold again in North America, I will personally cover the costs of your purchase (well, not really, but I will hold you in high regard forever).

For now, join me in drooling over these images of lingerie you can’t have!

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2 Responses to “Missing Intimissimi: Gorgeous Lingerie You Can’t Have”

  1. Elizabeth Mullis says:

    You won’t believe where I found a piece of this lingerie…a corset top to be exact…no matching underwear with it darn it but was REALLY EXCITED for my find nonetheless…at GOODWILL!!! I was like…THANK YOU…there IS a God!!! LOL…and it was a PERFECT FIT! ♡

  2. Lauren says:

    I was just in Italy last week. Supposedly Intimissimi is launching its first store in New York sometime in 2016. But sadly their prices are A LOT higher on their U.S./ global website than in Italy. With the Euro so weak I purchased a whole trousseau for like 250 euro in Italy. I hope with them having a store in the US next year their prices will go down as they are so so reasonable in Italy.

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