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Sneak Peek: Fortnight Lingerie 2011 Collection
Posted by richard | October 28, 2010

Fortnight Lingerie | Spring 2011

LG Fashion Week recently wrapped up in Toronto, and while there wasn’t much lingerie seen on the catwalks there was a good deal of buzz surrounding indie darling Fortnight Lingerie.

Fortnight had a kind of coming-out party with a Fashion Week installation that gave the public a sneak peek at its upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 line and the craftsmanship behind it. And mark my words — this will make a splash.

Remember, a year ago Fortnight founder/designer Christina Remenyi was still putting together her first small Etsy store. Even after launching, her reputation didn’t spread much beyond the postal code of the Drake Hotel — not a bad thing, if you only want to serve Toronto urbanettes.

All that changed with the release of Fortnight’s viral video sensations, Super Sexy CPR and Super Sexy Abdominal Thrust. You’ve no doubt seen them, and you can learn about them here.

So much attention and acclaim has pushed Fortnight into a serious growth phase, and the Spring 2011 collection should propel them into the ranks of North America’s leading boutique labels.

We’re promised a total of 30 pieces, available by January through Fortnight’s online shop and selected boutiques. Keep checking their website as more distribution points are added.

Fortnight’s early success isn’t just about smart marketing, though. Remenyi’s designs themselves really stand out in the cookie-cutter world of fashion lingerie, where the word “unique” is used a lot but is too often an exaggeration.

Fortnight’s lingerie combines elements that you don’t often see together: the glamour of satin and lace, a vintage/retro feel (in the high-waisted briefs and structured bras), and ultra-modern mesh fabrics that provide the kind of skin-hugging fit you find in athletic wear.

Today, we can offer four images from the upcoming collection to spark your appetite.

The top photo shows the new Rita bodysuit in a lace/power mesh combination, while the two shots below are from the Ginger line, including a satin/power mesh bodysuit and a classic satin bra with power mesh high-waisted knickers.

The final shot below is something new for Fortnight, the Shirley robe in silk and cotton, over the Rita soft-cup bra in lace and power mesh.

I have a hunch that some of Fortnight’s techniques will be widely copied in the years ahead by other labels. Until then, keep an eye on this exciting Canadian brand!

Fortnight Lingerie | Spring 2011

Fortnight Lingerie | Spring 2011

Fortnight Lingerie | Spring 2011
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  1. Treacle says:

    Those bodysuits are divine!

  2. Sia says:

    They are gorgeous bodysuits and the pictures are quite striking especially the first two they really show off the design and features of the suit. Where do I buy them hahahaha!

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