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Spice Up Your Stems With Some Flashy Fall Leggings
Posted by nadine | October 27, 2010

Leggings have been on must-have lists for a few seasons now, and this season’s take on the trend is anything but boring. Instead of reaching for a pair of solid black tights this year, spice up your outfit with with some freaky fall leggings featuring unique prints, patterns and textures.

Here are five fabulous choices to help you make a statement with your stems this fall! Click on the site links to find out where to buy.

Loula Creates

Loula Creates (above) is pure eye candy for the tights crowd. The hand-printed hosiery is made-to-order by Scottish designer/stylist Loula. Her quirky and bold jersey-cotton leggings are far from subtle, but they’re perfect for those who crave unique pieces and consider their legs in need of accessorizing.

Black Milk_Galaxy

Black Milk leggings are quickly becoming the stuff of legend. Only around since 2009, these “insane leggings” (so the designer herself calls them) become the main attraction in any outfit. Bonus: Black Milk is based out of Australia, so you’re likely to be the first among your peers to rock a pair.

Check out their Cathedral pair (below), with a stained-glass-inspired pattern, opt for the Galaxy (above) on your gams, or rock a Brit-punk look with the Union Jack. The pattern selection is impressive.

Black Milk_UK
Black Milk_Cathedral
Black Milk – “Union Jack”
Black Milk – “Cathedral”

Gal Stern’s hand-printed tights are super-comfy works of art. That’s her Christmas design at the top of this post.

An Israeli textile designer, Gal is an innovator in the industry. Her leggings are made of her own custom blend of cotton and nylon, and the hand-printed of her designs comes out of a technique she developed. Impressive, no?

On top of her technical artistry, the patterns themselves are gorgeous. They’re available almost exclusively online. Unless you happen to live in Israel.

Norwegian Wood_Brush
Norwegian Wood_Branch
Norwegian Wood – “Brush”
Norwegian Wood – “Branch”

Canadian shoppers will fawn over Montreal-based line Norwegian Wood (above). The abstract brushstrokes on the leggings in her Fall 2010 collection are reminiscent of the looks seen on high-end catwalks. And the Branches pair is both cozy and cutting-edge. Be among the first to pick up a pair from this on-the-rise brand.

Finally, for those of us still mourning the loss of legend Alexander McQueen, what better way to honor his memory than to purchase what will no doubt be an investment piece designed by the master himself? The seamless black lace leggings are super-sexy and on-trend, but they’re not so over-the-crazy that you won’t revisit them time and again. Plus, you can still get them at Net-a-Porter!

Happy shopping!

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