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Command Attention With Bordelle’s Fierce Looks For Spring
Posted by melanie | October 27, 2010

Halloween is in four days and, as always, I am costume-less. It’s not that I don’t have a plethora of ideas, it’s just that this year seems unbearably cold, which limits what I can (and want) to wear.

I know Halloween is the holiday when women can tart-it-up without getting any slack and wake up the next morning with their dignity intact, but I have chosen a compromise.

After viewing Bordelle lingerie’s dominatrix-friendly spring 2011 collection, I had a ‘eureka’ moment!  This year I am going to channel Bordelle’s bondage creations and go as Catwoman! Technically, the item in question is lingerie, but can be worn as outerwear as well.

After launching in 2007, design duo Alexandra Popa and Javier Suarez got their big break outfitting Britney Spears’ Circus tour and have since become an in-demand lingerie label, stocking their styles in over 50 international retail outlets.

What makes Bordelle a stand-out label in the lingerie industry are their sensual S&M body-con creations with elasticized bands — wearing their pieces is like adorning your body with walking art. Of course, with such an emphasis on cut, quality and fit, Bordelle lingerie is a range you don’t want to hide under your clothes!

Bordelle lingerie is for the woman who wants to feel sexy — incredibly sexy — and command attention, but with a touch of femininity.  I know the bondage dress with its harness and spike-stud detail veers toward the tougher side (this was my Halloween inspiration with the addition of cat mask and whip), but it’s the little details like the bow appliqué and flattering construction  that show off your feminine curves that make this label so successful.

I won’t deny that unleashing your inner dominatrix will set you back a bit; thongs for $155, while a more intricate bandage dress might empty your wallet at $580. So, while it may not be lingerie your mama would wear, the price for an undergarment that provides impeccable fit, fabric and an increased sense of confidence, I deem is well worth the price.

We’ll have to sit patiently for the spring collection to arrive, but in the meantime you can shop their fall collection. To locate an online stockist in your country, visit for more information.

Now on to find a cat mask and leather whip! Meow!

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