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Alexandra Grecco: New Star, Old Soul
Posted by connie | October 22, 2010

If you’re looking for underthings with a little extra kick and personality, you’ll want to investigate the collection of nouveau vintage delicacies created by New York designer Alexandra Grecco.

Inspired by early screen sirens like Mary Pickford, Lillian Gish and Jean Harlow — with hints of vaudeville, burlesque and even ‘50s pinup girls — Grecco’s love of all things vintage and feminine is clear throughout her two most recent collections. This is one young designer with an old, romantic soul.

Grecco started out with an Etsy shop but her line (and talents) have grown substantially since then, with her Fall 2010 collection including her signature rompers and high-waisted panties as well as dresses featuring sheer heart panels and romantic blouses.

The forthcoming Spring 2011 collection represents another major leap forward for Grecco’s label, offering a diverse range of vintage-themed lingerie, tunics and party dresses, including the shimmering (and stunning) Cinema Tea Dress in the photo above.

The designer unveiled her Spring 2011 line last month as part of the Capsule Trade Show in New York, which showcases premium indie labels.

The collection of decidedly feminine and decadent pieces is perfect for her core clientele, many of whom are younger, hip women much like the 25-year-old designer herself — although Grecco’s high-waisted panties and silky appliquéd bras really appeal to any woman who wants to feel beautiful even without the armor of clothing.

As she mentions on her website, no matter the age the Grecco woman is “youthful and innocent, yet she’s effortlessly and dangerously alluring.”

There is something playful and almost frivolous about such beautiful undergarments and they serve as the perfect foundation for any outfit, but especially those ensembles inspired by the likes of Bettie Page and Betty Draper.

If the esthetic of Alexandra Grecco Lingerie appeals to you the pieces can be purchased online at her main website. The company offers international shipping for an additional fee.

Prices for Alexandra Grecco sets start at $75, although the pricing for the Spring 2011 line has not yet been released. For updates in regards to new pieces and more on the designer’s inspiration you can also visit Grecco’s blog.

Here’s a nice selection of images of Grecco’s work, mostly from the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 lines. The very last photo shows her Pickford Onepiece and Gish Bolero set — earlier designs that give a sense of how this label has evolved.

Alexandra Grecco

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