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The kids are back in school, the leaves are changing color, and the loved-and-loathed Canadian chill is starting to threaten us with impending winter. Unfortunately, snow pants are hardly an option for those of us who don’t spend our days on the slopes.

So what’s an always-freezing girl to do? Bring on the long johns, and not the waffle-knit leg-fattening ones of yore.

WinterSilks long underwear is sleek, warm, and revolutionary in the world of layering. Inspired over 30 years ago by the same blustery winter winds that still taunt us, WinterSilks refuses to sacrifice fashion for comfort with their lightweight, breathable silk garments.

Yes, silk.

WinterSilks knows something most of us don’t: all-natural silk wicks away moisture, so it keeps you both warm and dry. You won’t overheat indoors despite feeling cozy when you step into the sub-zero air.

WinterSilks’ long underwear line for women boasts a Snowflake Guide, ranking the warmth level of each piece, ensuring a perfect long-john match. So if you’re active or your winter isn’t frigid (hello, Vancouver-ites), you can stick with “warm” and avoid “warmest.” It’s simple, comfy fashion math.

And to appeal to our practical sides, most of their silks are machine-washable, and even their most heavyweight pieces peak at an affordable $50 or less.

The easy-to-layer pieces are designed to fit most lifestyles and wardrobes. Curl up in a heavyweight turtleneck, lounge in sumptuous silk cashmere pants, or ensure extra warmth with a leopard print long john top under your favorite outfit. A lace inset camisole will help transition your summer wardrobe into cooler seasons.

The Wisconsin-based store is the States’ premiere filament-silk merchant, with a long history of top-notch customer service. Order from their catalog, or shop from the comfort of your laptop thanks to their new online store.

WinterSilks has recently expanded its shipping to Canada and beyond, so start shopping. Beat winter at its game and be ready for the chill this year!





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6 Responses to “WinterSilks: Get These Cozy Must-Haves Before The Snow Flies”

  1. marci edwards says:

    Where can I but Wintersilks in the Toronto area in Canada ?

    • admin says:

      Wintersilks is primarily a catalogue/online shopping. They ship to Canada within 3 business days via US postal service. Shipping cost is $34, which includes duties and taxes. You can learn more here.

  2. Sheila Durrant says:

    I have read some very negative reports on their sizing, order accuracy and customer service, on an online review site. Have you heard anything to contradict this? I really would like to order some long johns, and other products, but don’t want to get ripped off!

  3. Frank S. says:

    Their shipping fees and handling charges are a complkete ripoff! I ordered about $110. in goods, and was charged a $12.99 shipping fe, PLUS a $9.99 “handling fee”, which was not disclosed. NEVER again!@!

    You can do much better on almost any other catalog site, including Land’s End (same prices, free shipping), Sierra Trader and others.

  4. Jeff says:

    WRONG – try $49 flat shipping to Canada! For an item listed at US$48! This is actually illegal according to Canada Post. Nothing we Canadians can do except stay as far away from these guys as possible.

  5. Jan Whitebear says:

    I have NO idea what happened to Wintersilks as I had ordered from them for YEARS and got fabulous merchandise. Then, I didn’t order anything for a couple of years at which point I decided to order more of their long underwear. OMG! It was so tacky and thin and very poorly made! It went right back! I was out the shipping which annoyed me but I thought I might give them another chance a few months later so ordered something else. THAT item was tacky and cheaply made as well!

    I have a feeling the old Wintersilks sold out to someone else who started ordering out of China or something because nothing fits as it used to and the workmanship of the garments is very poor! Yet…I notice their prices are high as ever! NO THANKS, Wintersilks!

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