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Pain De Sucre’s Intriguing Bodywear Collection
Posted by amy | October 5, 2010
Rana by Pain de Sucre Suggest

When you live in the south of France, your swimsuit tends to do double duty as lingerie — and vice-versa.

It makes sense, then, that trendy Marseilles swimwear brand Pain de Sucre should come up with a unique hybrid collection that bridges the gap between the beach and the bedroom.

Pain de Sucre calls its new Suggest collection “bodywear” — a vague label that resists definition and leaves it to the wearer’s imagination to decide how, when and where to slip into these glamorous, stylish pieces.

The Suggest collection comprises a lot of different elements — lingerie dresses, slick satin bras, tunics, cardigans, and several stylish boyshorts.

What’s immediately apparent, and distinctive, is the choice of fabric: you’ll find a lot of stretch lace (even in a cardigan!) and gossamer fishnet and mesh combinations.

Most pieces in the Suggest collection can be worn as lingerie or as something a bit more public and daring. This isn’t exactly underwear-as-outwear, although a PDS cami or tunic will look smashing in a layered combination with other items from your closet.

PDS first introduced the Suggest bodywear line back in 2000 but it’s been hard to find outside of France and was dwarfed by the label’s enormously popular and influential tropical-themed swimwear collections.

However, PDS is in expansion mode and its collections are now reaching more boutiques across Europe and into North America. Make sure to ask for it!

Here are some images from Pain de Sucre’s campaign for the new Suggest line, featuring sultry South African model Jenna Pietersen. You can learn more by visiting their website.

Riley by Pain de Sucre Suggest

Griffin by Pain de Sucre Suggest

Brooklyn by Pain de Sucre Suggest

Kayra by Pain de Sucre Suggest

Minio by Pain de Sucre Suggest
Salma by Pain de Sucre Suggest

Wendy by Pain de Sucre Suggest
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