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Chore | Film by Damaris

I heart Damaris. Not only because they produce some of the most luxurious, dangerously sexy lingerie, but because I will never look at a mop or iron the same way again.

The UK label’s short fashion film, Chore, was just honored with a ‘Best Actress’ award at the Fashion Film Awards held at the Pompidou in Paris,

To celebrate the award, Damaris is giving away a pair of their bestselling lacy boyshorts free with the purchase of any lingerie set from their F/W 2010 collection. But hurry, because the offer is only available until October 15!

As for the film, it was initially inspired by a quote in an article, in which Damaris Evans proclaimed: “Every woman has great bum cleavage” — sparking director Justin Anderson to set off to produce the ‘world’s best bum movie’.

At 2:56 in length, Chore shows a model tackling her mundane, everyday cleaning rituals while clothed (well, barely) in Damaris lingerie. Yes, the film boasts a ton of ‘bum cleavage’, but surprisingly appeals to women.

According to Anderson, “The idea behind Chore was to make something sexy but kind of funny and irreverent and away from the predictable boudoir style that most lingerie work falls into.”

The judges’ panel for awards included Dita Von Teese and rocker Bryan Adams. And, since we hardly see the model’s face in the film, but get rather well acquainted with her derrière, essentially the best actress award was given in honor of a great posterior. Ah, only in France.

Visit for more details and, because it’s slightly NSFW, click here to view the sexy film.

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