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Ooh La La | Gossard Lingerie Fall 2010

Can an old lingerie brand re-invent itself to keep pace with today’s creative and daring newcomers?

Gossard, the iconic UK label with roots dating back to the Industrial Revolution, is out to prove it can — again.

The venerable department store staple is perhaps best known as the creator of the Wonderbra back in the 1960s, with its alluring promise to increase the appearance of a woman’s bust size.

Today, more than 40 years later, Gossard is still pretty much a one-trick pony, although the Wonderbra is now called the Superboost.

And one more big change — it’s got plenty of competitors making the same claims, including Ultimo, La Senza and, over here, Victoria’s Secret. Bigger may still be better, but for Gossard the question is: Is it enough?

The fall 2010 collection from Gossard shows they haven’t run out of steam. Quite the contrary, Gossard is rolling out an extensive line of glammed-up superbras and coordinates that wouldn’t look out of place on a Parisian catwalk.

There are 10 lines altogether in the new Gossard catalogue but they’re all selling the cleavage-boosting power of the brand’s designated hitter, the Superboost. (There’s even a line of satiny push-ups with the audacious name “Squeeze Me“!)

Where the lines differ is in fabric choices, style frills and patterns.

The most elaborate is the Ooh La La line (pictured above), whose longline bra and high-waisted brief are straight out of the 1940s. Close behind in terms of pure eye appeal is the Cancan, a lace-and-satin confection with some obvious Moulin Rouge ancestry.

The rest of the collection includes some appealing prints, lots of glossy satin, lace trims to add a more feminine look to some bras, and even some Art Deco styling in the very romantic satin-and-sequins Etoile line.

Here’s a few images to renew your interest in this lingerie stalwart. You can see the full range and shop online at

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