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Barbie Lingerie Set by Valisere

Smoking Hot Barbie?
Barbie has got a hot new gig.

After modeling thousands of outfits over the years, the iconic doll is about to take a turn as a lingerie model — with outfits that leave little to the imagination.

Dollmaker Mattel has partnered with Brazilian lingerie store Valisere to create a limited edition called Barbie Loves Valisere, featuring mini-versions of the sexy label’s latest collection.

Sadly, only 80 dolls are being produced and they won’t be available to collectors or impressionable young girls — they are only being given to journalists. And about the closest you can get to seeing one is in the windows of Valisere boutiques in Sao Paolo.

Valisere, however, will produce three lines of Barbie lingerie as part of its deal with Mattel.

This isn’t the first time that Mattel has toyed with Barbie’s undies. Between 2000-2002, the company released six versions of the oddly named Lingerie Barbie, which are no longer in production.

Wal-Mart Bracing For Big Underwear Season
It’s going to be a great Christmas season for underwear companies, less so for designer lingerie labels — or so says Wal-Mart, which surely has no vested interest here.

According to Bill Simon, Wal-Mart’s U.S. president and CEO, the weak economy will result in consumers making frugal, practical gift purchases this holiday season.

“For all you adults out there, I think you should plan on socks and underwear for Christmas,” Simon told a retail conference in Chicago last week.

This, of course, would be great news for Wal-Mart, which sells a lot of socks and underwear, but whose stock price has been flat for the past year. By comparison, the stock price for Limited Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, is up about 80% in the same period.

Maybe it would be more accurate to say Christmas will bring a lot of socks, underwear, and adorable frilly thongs …

Gossard Lingerie billboard

OMG! Usher Will Be So PO’d!
Best ad slogan of the year award has to go to UK lingerie label Gossard, for its OMG! campaign launched last week.

Talk about instant recognition. Gossard has appropriated one of the most familiar bits of text-talk in the world and bundled it up with its brand name, giving us the so-clever-I-hate-them hybrid “Oh My Gossard!” It helps that Gossard’s market is young urban females, many of whom are known to blurt/chirp/tweet/txt OMG! 100 times a day or more.

The campaign features model Elle Liberachi wearing pieces from the new Gossard fall collection, and is showing up on billboards and in fashion magazines.

Don’t be surprised if Freya tries to copy this approach with a hip new WTF campaign. LOL.

Jennifer Hawkins for Lovable

Lovable Faces Backlash
A leading Australian lingerie label has a PR mess on its hands, after critics slammed their efforts to raise awareness about eating disorders.

Some critics have even called for Lovable lingerie to dump its spokemodel Jennifer Hawkins (right), saying the slim model doesn’t reflect the company’s goal of helping women deal with body image issues.

The problem started when Lovable announced it would give 25% of online sales profits to The Butterfly Foundation, which provides support and research into eating disorders. But that announcement appears on the same web page promoting a “hot new TV ad” that features Hawkins, who recently appeared in a provocative series of images to promote the new Lovable lingerie collection.

The issue has kicked up a huge fuss down under, with critics accusing Lovable of hypocrisy and attempting to “buy credibility” with its donation to the foundation. One newspaper columnist fumed: “I am sick to death of companies that trade on the insecurities of young women to sell products at the same time as they profess to challenge the status quo.”

Lovable argued that it is “dedicated to changing the culture surrounding eating disorders and body image through our support of Butterfly, by using happy, healthy models in our campaigns.”

Stick-On Silicone Bra | Marks and Spencer

Stick-On Bra Comes With Warning
British retailer Marks and Spencer is under scrutiny for its latest advance in bra technology — a stick-on strapless bra that can only be worn for eight hours.

The bra is meant to be worn under strapless or backless dresses, but comes with a manufacturer’s warning that the silicone used to make it stick can cause skin irritation if the bra is worn too long.

The bra is made from 100% polyester with a silicone trim. Its label advises wearers to remove the bra if it begins to feel uncomfortable.

An M&S spokesman said only a few customers have complained, and that silicone is a standard material used to keep strapless bras in place.

Taylor Momsen’s Pretty Wretched Video
We have seen the future for Taylor Momsen and it goes something like this. A couple of years from now, the dangerously reckless TM will appear on talk shows and reveal that her behavior during 2010-11 was, in a fact, a Joaquin Phoenix-style hoax, a cleverly ironic commentary on the sexualization and slutification of young girls by the music industry, MTV, Hollwood and everyone else who made a buck off her.

“Don’t worry about me, Oprah,” she’ll say. “I was just making a point. It was all an act.”

Which will be a relief, because it’s simply painful watching the just-turned-17 Gossip Girl’s self-immolation on the bonfire of celebrity culture.

The latest episode in this sordid saga was the release last week of the video of “Make Me Wanna Die”, the new single from Taylor’s faux-grunge band Pretty Reckless. The song is an anthem of self-loathing for love-wrecked girls everywhere, and it’s been viewed 1.5 million times on YouTube already. In the video, Taylor walks through dark streets, peeling off her clothes, down to her bra and panties. You can see it here, but be prepared to wince.

Here’s the thing. The music isn’t original (Garbage meets Hole). The fashion sense isn’t original or even very interesting. And Gossip Girl fans don’t need another self-destructive rehab-bound role model. So what’s the point? More importantly, where’s the intervention?

The Vampires Come Out To Play
Finally this week, a couple of extra photos from the incredible Victorian vampire lingerie show put on by Marlies Dekkers over the past two weekends in Holland.

The sold-out events were part costume ball, part runway show to promote the new MD fall line and they’ll be talked about for years to come.

Enjoy the pics, and check out Marlies Dekkers on YouTube or her own website for some video and several promotional films explaining her new line. Keep an eye out for audience members wearing fangs!

Victorian Vampire Night | Marlies Dekkers

Victorian Vampire Night | Marlies Dekkers
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