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Leopard Print Lingerie

Seeing spots? Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy, you’ve probably just been bombarded with the IT trend of fall — leopard print fashion.

That’s right, everywhere you look you’re bound to see a leopard print item. You would think a pattern that’s so ubiquitous would turn you away from the trend, but because leopard print has been re-invented into a myriad of shapes, colors and designs, there is something to suit anyone’s tastes.

And it’s not just apparel and accessories that have been adorned with the wild animal print; it’s also the hottest trend for lingerie.

Alicia Vargo,  founder of Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie, which was voted best lingerie store of 2010, currently offers a plethora of leopard-printed lingerie on her e-commerce site. Here’s what she says:

“Although animal prints are trendy almost any season, they are coming on stronger than ever for fall, with clothing, shoes, handbags and, yes, fine lingerie. But the popularity of leopard print seems to have reached its height for fall 2010.”

Eager to jump on the leopard print bandwagon, but not sure how to begin or where to look? Luckily for you this season, leopard print is offered in different garments, colors and shapes that appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

Leopard Print cutout set | MarliesDekkers
Leopard Print camisole and boyshort | DreamGirl

Those with extroverted personalities, or with a dramatic flair, would probably gravitate towards a bolder, colorful print. The punchy, red leopard-print cutout set (above left) from Marlies Dekkers definitely makes a statement, while the DreamGirl flirty pink Lycra leopard-print camisole and boyshort (above right) with black contrast lace trim is the perfect set to lounge or sleep in. The drawstring detail offers instant sex appeal if you so desire.

Kelly drop-cup nursing bra | Freya
Cupid clip bra | Agent Provocateur

The leopard print trend in lingerie has also extended into maternity and nursing bras. Adding just a touch of that sexy print will instantly perk you up — even if you’re only functioning off two hours of sleep! For the bustier yummy mummy, Freya‘s Kelly drop cup nursing bra (above left – available in D-HH cup size!), is made from a silky blend of materials and features feminine, coral lace trim. Also available is the Cupid clip bra from Agent Provocateur with alluring red contrast detail (above right). The full cup offers support and comfort while providing a flattering shape both during and after pregnancy.

Perfect Fit lace bra | Calvin Klein
Wild Bunch bra | Wacoal

Want to take part in the roaring trend, but prefer a more subdued print? Not to worry! Many of the lingerie labels have incorporated monochromatic animal print into their collection.

Calvin Klein’s Perfectly Fit leopard lace bra (above left) is a lightly padded underwire taupe satin bra with merlot leopard print lace overlay. Another choice is Wacoal’s Wild Bunch contour bra (above right), which features molded stretch foam cups in a shimmery jacquard covered in a tiny leopard print, perfect for everyday wear.

Lacie leopard print slip | Victoria's Secret
Betsie bran and suspender | Agent Provocateur

Now if you prefer to stick with the classics, there is an abundance of styles to choose from. You could opt for a classic little slip, like Victoria’s Secret Lacie halter slip (above left), or from AP’s racy fall collection, and bound to get some hearts racing, is the Betsie bra and suspender set (above right) in grey leopard print silk satin and edged in black lace.

Lace top stockings | DreamGirl
Leo print tights | Wolford

In contrast, you could also opt for a more unique way to incorporate leopard print into your boudoir. Why not try a pair of seductive leopard thigh-highs like DreamGirl’s sheer lace top leopard stockings (above left), or add an unexpected pop of flash to your outfit with Wolford’s Leo printed tights (right) and Leo print stay-ups?

Whatever variation on leopard print you decide to try — color, shape or size — you’ll surely be spot on with this season’s most versatile lingerie trend!

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    That first photo is fierce! I’m a big fan of leopard print. Glad to see it coming back (again).

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