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Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene in Paris

Miley and Ashley in the City of Lights

Newly single singer-starlet Miley Cyrus was spotted all over Paris on the weekend, hitting the clubs with pal Ashley Greene of Twilight fame.

You’ll recall that Miley has been searching for some style direction over the past year, especially when it comes to lingerie-as-outerwear and as a stage costume, and how to distinguish between the two.

The photo above gives us hope that grown-up Hannah M has found the happy medium between hipster cool and public indecency.

Both girls look terrific in understated outfits that let the lingerie tease and whisper — as it’s meant to do — rather than scream and shout.

Here’s hoping both girls stopped in to visit Chantal Thomass.

Fangs optional

Victorian Vampire Night

Dutch lingerie label Marlies Dekkers has found a unique way to promote its new Victorian-themed fall lingerie collection.

MD is hosting a Victorian Vampire Night over two nights (Sept. 11 & 18) in her native Netherlands. The event is part costume ball and part catwalk show, with guests expected to dress for the occasion.

And what, exactly, does that mean? The invitation reads: “Dress code is Victorian Romantic poets, priests, True Blood, nuns, Twilight ….” (Nuns???)

Still looking for wardrobe suggestions? Dekkers offers this catalogue of vampire looks that you can draw inspiration from.

Lost in translation?

Diana lingerie

British media have been in a tizzy all week after a tourist on holiday in Hong Kong saw billboards that used a look-a-like of the late Princess Di to promote a new lingerie line. To make matters worse, the ads appeared on the 13th anniversary of Diana’s death.

The ‘Diana’ lingerie line features a model wearing a tiara and the slogan “Feel the romance of British royalty” on its ads. Most offensive of all? An ad depicting a Diana clone dressed only in her undies, playing a cello in front of a laughing toddler.

The ads, and the Diana lingerie collection, are the work of Jealousy International, a large Chinese garment maker.

On its website, the company explains that the Diana line is not inspired by Princess Di, but by the Roman goddess Diana, who is similar to the Chinese moon goddess and is considered a symbol of “romance and elegance in western culture”.

The Diana collection, it says, “compromises both the eastern verve and western style … and shows the special mature flavor of eastern ladies.”

Ahhh, the special mature flavor of eastern gals. See? Not so offensive after all.

Stay up late with the Angels

Victoria's Secret Angels | Vogue Magazine

The 2010 edition of Fashion’s Night Out is shaping up to be a heck of a party, as designer labels throw open their doors for some late-night mixers with celebrities, models and, of course, the underdressed public.

It all takes place on Friday in cities across the USA (and abroad), but the place to be is New York, which has put together a jam-packed itinerary of shows and store promotions.

For lingerie lovers, if you’re in SoHo, make sure to drop into the Victoria’s Secret store, where three VS Angels (Chanel, Doetzen and Adriana) will greet shoppers and sign copies of the iconic image (above) taken for Vogue magazine. The girls will also be conducting a live web chat from the store until 11 p.m.

Learn more about NYC Fashion’s Night Out here.

You’re never too old …

Selena Scott

A 59-year-old British television personality who successfully sued her employer for age discrimination has a new offer — to become a lingerie model.

Selina Scott has been offered a position as brand ambassador for Playtex, which is planning to introduce a new line aimed at women in Scott’s age bracket.

Scott, who had been a news reader for the BBC since 1980, won a landmark case in 2008 after she was offered a new broadcast role that was later given to two much younger women. She recently compiled a report on “malign sexism and ageism” at the BBC, which is now being reviewed by the government.

Scott has no experience as an underwear model, but was flattered by the Playtex offer.

“At first, I thought it was a bit of a joke, then I felt flattered,” she said. “The lingerie business is very competitive, with beautiful women like Kelly Brook, so it’s terrific to know I am still considered in that league.”

At least the burglars had good taste

Expensive lingerie is giving insurance companies something new to worry about.

According to a study conducted by the UK insurance company More Than Insurance, the growing popularity of costly premium lingerie has sparked a wave of thefts — from backyard clotheslines — and corresponding insurance claims.

“We are bombarded with images of celebrities in luxurious undergarments,” a company spokesman said.  “It’s no surprise they’re coveted.”

The company said knicker thefts have risen 20 per cent over the summer, and that lingerie has become a “primary target” for burglars. In fact, their survey found that one in three ex-cons quizzed said clotheslines are the first thing that home burglars check out.

The company blames the trend not just on consumer tastes, but on the popularity of advertising campaigns featuring desirable celebrities like Kelly Brook and Kylie Minogue in high-priced intimates.

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