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Glamour Corselette | What Katie Did

Hollywood Slip | What Katie Did

What Katie Did, the UK-based maker of authentic-looking nouveau vintage lingerie, is hoping to make big gains in the U.S. market this year after unveiling a new website aimed at American shoppers.

WKD’s new U.S. website won’t launch until Sept. 1, but it will take away much of the hassle and discomfort involved when trying to order intimate apparel from an overseas retailer.

The site will be priced in U.S. dollars, have a U.S. address and a toll-free number for customer inquiries. And product returns will go to a California address, not back to England, which will limit shipping costs and potential customs issues.

The move comes just as What Katie Did launches its latest collection of vintage-styled lingerie, shapewear and hosiery that evokes the glamour girl image of the 1940s and 50s.

Retro lingerie fans around the world already know WKD well, as the label — named for owner/designer Katie Halford — is a favorite among celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow and thousands of just-plain-moms. The signature WKD piece is its much-imitated bullet bra, although Katie also offers an extensive collection of elaborate corsets, bodysuits and high-waisted panties.

The new WKD line, simply called Collection 8, includes a new Hollywood satin loungewear line and the new Swiss Dot line (which we’re dying to see!). We’ve got a couple of preview images to show you above, featuring the Hollywood slip and the sultry black Glamour corselette.

The new What Katie Did collection will be available online Sept. 1, at the same time as the new U.S. site launches — so mark that date! In the meantime, now is a good time to get familiar with the existing WKD collection, as they are clearing out existing stock with a summer sale offering up to 50% off.

Celebrity sex tapes have become so prevalent and accessible, their release is as exciting as the daily weather forecast. Most tapes are ‘accidentally’ leaked onto the internet (as the starring celebs claim), but some are even going so far as to promote their recorded sex-capades in hopes of jump-starting their acting careers.

So it’s no wonder that Agent Provocateur has tapped into the public/private paradox of intimacy in showcasing their latest F/W 2010 lingerie collection. Set in what appears to be hotel room or bedroom, the series of 19 videos show incognito models turning on a video recorder and tantalizing the viewer(s) with a sultry reveal of Agent Provocateur’s sexiest creations.

The grainy, 30-second videos feature models donning new styles like the Maddy black sheer set with fuchsia silk accents, the Virginia plunge black mesh bra with electric blue floral embroidery, and two seductive corsets like the Melody basque with monochromatic black chevron pattern and the highly ornate Gretchen corset with its panels of alternating black and Bordeaux lace and gold fastening (all shown below).

What’s ingenious about AP’s new campaign is that the videos are shot to resemble home-made recordings, and the use of anonymous models leaves much to the imagination and storyline. Aptly named Private Tapes, the videos truly are a sensual voyeuristic experience.

Perhaps celebs should take a cue from the lingerie kingpin and realize that sometimes it’s best to leave something to the imagination.

Visit agentprovocateur.com to view the fall collection and the steamy vids. I should warn that they are definitely NSFW — unless, of course, you don’t mind an assembly line of co-workers peering into your cubicle.

Gretchen Corset by Agent Provocateur | Fall 2010 Collection
Maddy Set by Agent Provocateur | Fall 2010 Collection
Melody Basque by Agent Provocateur | Fall 2010 Collection
Virginia Set by Agent Provocateur | Fall 2010 Collection

National Underwear Day: Free Undies, But No Parade
Posted by richard | August 3, 2010

Decided what to wear yet for National Underwear Day? Well, get out your fanciest skivvies or, better yet, get yourself a new lingerie ensemble fast, because National Underwear Day 2010 falls on August 5 this year.

What exactly is National Underwear Day? Not to be confused with Wear Your Underwear To Work Day (so don’t!), underwear day is little more than a publicity gimmick concocted by the online retailer Freshpair.com to have a little fun — and boost sales — during the slowest shopping month of the year.

Freshpair‘s objective in launching National Underwear Day 8 years ago was to draw people’s attention to their underthings — something that most people rarely think about.

According to Freshpair, 80% of Americans never change their basic underwear style in their lifetime, and 60% of Americans wear underwear that doesn’t fit. Hence the need for a national day to address this most American of concerns (believe me, they don’t have this problem in France!).

Freshpair president Michael Kleinmann says it’s about time people started viewing their undies as their most important part of their wardrobe.

“After all, it’s not just the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, but the most important thing you wear all day,” Kleinmann says. “Underwear has come a long way in recent years. What started as a necessity has quickly stepped to the forefront of fashion, with a slew of new styles every season.”

Homer Simpson

In past years, Freshpair has launched its August PR blitz with a kind of guerrilla fashion show in New York, with lingerie models storming Times Square.

But this year they’ve toned it down and, instead of a headline-hogging stunt, Freshpair is simply giving away 5,000 free pairs of designer underwear and lingerie pieces to customers who use its website during the month of August. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Personally, I like the idea of a National Underwear Day, but I was hoping this year Freshpair would go all-out with a Macy’s-style parade down 5th Avenue. I can just picture it: Mark Wahlberg leading the way as Grand Marshal, escorted by a few VS Angels and with a giant balloon character of Homer Simpson — in his Jockeys, as usual — hovering overhead.

By the way, if you’re planning your calendar, you’ll want to forget your undies next week: August 13, we kid you not, is National Skinny Dipping Day. Finally, a holiday we can all enjoy!

Intimissimi Debuts New Shapewear Line
Posted by amy | August 3, 2010
High-waisted Leggings from Intimissimi Shaping Collection

Good news and bad news today for lovers of fine Italian lingerie.

Intimissimi, the high-end lingerie line in the Calzedonia empire, has just unveiled its Fall 2010 collection — and it’s gorgeous (more on that later).

But the really good news is that Intimissimi has used the occasion of the fall season to launch an elegant shapewear line which it is calling its “Shaping Collection”.

Although the line is limited to seven pieces, Intimissimi makes a credible entrance into the crowded shapewear market with a collection that favors style over gut-squishing technology.

Control panels are subtly concealed under a lace-like mesh fabric in most pieces. These aren’t heavy-duty compression garments, but they’ll provide some welcome support in key places for those important occasions!

The Intimissimi Shaping collection includes a wireless triangle bra and an underwire bra; a bodysuit; a high-waisted culotte with suspender clips; a chemise; high-waisted shorts; and — a surefire hit — high-waisted leggings that firm up the hips and thighs. All pieces are available in pink or black.

Check out the images from the new collection featuring young actress Alisson Le Borges as the new face for Intimissimi Shaping.

Now the bad news: good luck trying to find this collection, or anything from Intimissimi, in North America.

Earlier this year, the company ended its short-lived licensing arrangement with Victoria’s Secret, and in the process lost its presence in more than 200 U.S. stores. Intimissimi does not have an online shop, and it hasn’t announced what it will do to fill the gap left by the Victoria’s Secret divorce. As near as we can tell, the only North American point of sale for Intimissimi is its E-Bay store — and it’s pathetic.

All of this would be understandable from a startup company struggling to establish a distribution network. But the Calzedonia Group is one of Europe’s most established retail franchises, with over 2,500 stores around the world. The Intimissimi brand alone pulls in about 400 million Euros a year for the company, so you’d think they could find a partner in North America.

If anyone knows where to buy Intimissimi lingerie in the U.S., please let us know!

High-waist Culotte and Daniela Underwire Bra from Intimissimi Shaping Collection

Shaping Chemise from Intimissimi Shaping Collection

Bodysuit from Intimissimi Shaping Collection

High-waisted Shorts and Wireless Triangle Bra from Intimissimi Shaping Collection
Emily Blunt | Elle

Katy Perry | Rolling Stone

September is around the corner, and you know what that means — the annual fight for front-row space (and your eyeballs) by the world’s top magazines.

From the looks of things, there’s a trend emerging in this year’s September slugfest: take a hot young star, add some luxe lingerie, point-and-shoot and, presto, there’s your cover.

First off the mark are these two entries:

  • Rolling Stone‘s cover story on Katy Perry, with the It Girl climbing out of (or into?) bed in a cutaway bra and panties. Apparently RS is still a music mag.
  • Elle Magazine‘s cover of future Oscar winner Emily Blunt, decked out in a stunning lace, silk and tulle ensemble, with some truly awesome tights. Who knew Young Victoria could be so stylish?

But this fall’s magazine battle is hardly a fair fight, not after Vanity Fair landed the ubiquitous but endlessly fascinating Lady Gaga for a cover, a revealing photoshoot (look for the plastic-wrap dress!) and a tell-all interview. Here’s a slightly NSFW sample of what’s inside.

As for the rest of the fall mags: good luck keeping up.

Lady Gaga | Vanity Fair September 2010
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