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Glamour Corselette | What Katie Did

Hollywood Slip | What Katie Did

What Katie Did, the UK-based maker of authentic-looking nouveau vintage lingerie, is hoping to make big gains in the U.S. market this year after unveiling a new website aimed at American shoppers.

WKD’s new U.S. website won’t launch until Sept. 1, but it will take away much of the hassle and discomfort involved when trying to order intimate apparel from an overseas retailer.

The …

Celebrity sex tapes have become so prevalent and accessible, their release is as exciting as the daily weather forecast. Most tapes are ‘accidentally’ leaked onto the internet (as the starring celebs claim), but some are even going so far as to promote their recorded sex-capades in hopes of jump-starting their acting careers.

So it’s no wonder that Agent Provocateur has tapped into the public/private paradox …

National Underwear Day: Free Undies, But No Parade
Posted by richard | August 3, 2010

Decided what to wear yet for National Underwear Day? Well, get out your fanciest skivvies or, better yet, get yourself a new lingerie ensemble fast, because National Underwear Day 2010 falls on August 5 this year.

What exactly is National Underwear Day? Not to be confused with Wear Your Underwear To Work Day (so don’t!), underwear day is little more than a publicity …

Intimissimi Debuts New Shapewear Line
Posted by amy | August 3, 2010
High-waisted Leggings from Intimissimi Shaping Collection

Good news and bad news today for lovers of fine Italian lingerie.

Intimissimi, the high-end lingerie line in the Calzedonia empire, has just unveiled its Fall 2010 collection — and it’s gorgeous (more on that later).

But the really good news is that Intimissimi has used the occasion of the fall season to launch an elegant shapewear line which it is calling its “Shaping …

Emily Blunt | Elle

Katy Perry | Rolling Stone

September is around the corner, and you know what that means — the annual fight for front-row space (and your eyeballs) by the world’s top magazines.

From the looks of things, there’s a trend emerging in this year’s September slugfest: take a hot young star, add some luxe lingerie, point-and-shoot and, presto, there’s your cover.

First off the mark are these two entries:

  • Rolling Stone

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