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Boxers Or Briefs? Not Just For Men Only!
Posted by richard | August 25, 2010

Here’s a feminist style statement that could add some fun to laundry day.

Are you sick of having to decide which dental-floss thong to put on in the morning? Can’t stop coveting your BF’s super-comfy-looking Jockeys?

Well, Bitchin Boxers has a solution — boxers and briefs, just for girls.

The gutsy new NYC label offers men’s-style undies tailored just for women. And just like men’s underwear, they’re soft and roomy and have a sturdy elastic waistband that will look great peeking over your low-rise jeans.

There’s a choice between the Boyfriend series (pictured above) in white, red, black or two shades of plaid, and the Bruiser series, which is cut like a boyshort and resembles those leg-hugging trunk briefs that men love. There’s also a Bootylicious series that’s just like the Jockeys boys wear, except for the naughty angel-devil emblem printed on the backside (see below). All pieces in the collection are under $20.

Bitchin Boxers isn’t the first label to try this approach, but their spin on gender-bending undies couldn’t be more different than upscale brands like Alexander Wang, which tapped into the boyfriend trend earlier this year.

Bitchin Boxers comes loaded with attitude — they’ve got a slogan (“No excuses. No apologies.”), a logo depicting a woman wearing boxing gloves, and they’ve signed up butch supermodel Eve Salvail to help launch the collection.

BB founder Renluka Maharaj debuted the boxer line last fall, and aims to use the new company to promote social change. The company directs a portion of its earnings to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and is “committed to helping women improve their lives,” Maharah says.

Bitchin Boxers, she says, “symbolizes the rebelliousness sometimes needed to gain independence.”

In addition to its signature undies, Bitchin Boxers also offers an extensive collection of tees, tanks and wraps as well as more typically feminine briefs, thongs and boyshorts.

This looks like a line that will get into a lot of stores one day, but for now your best bet is to use the Bitchin Boxers online store.

Bitchin Boxers_Brief
Bitchin Boxers_Brief

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