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Sexy In The City: New Lingerie Boutique Luscious NYC
Posted by melanie | August 18, 2010

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind trip to NYC and have determined that the city-that-never-sleeps and I share a love/hate relationship.

I love New York for obvious reasons: getting to indulge my inner food critic at every meal, wine stores that stay open until midnight, shopping like it’s an Olympic event and meeting the most interesting/neurotic people (like the woman at the Plaza Food Hall who downed an entire bottle of champagne while reminiscing about partying at Studio 54 in its heyday).

Yes, I love New York, but in return New York hates my body. Not only does my skin break out so bad (as my brother so kindly stated) that it resembles braille, my back becomes so painful from all the walking I seriously contemplated hijacking one senior’s wheelchair at MOMA. It was that bad.

But it was during one of these strenuous walking trips through Nolita that I came upon the most darling little lingerie shop completely by surprise. I was hauling my mom through the cobblestone streets to patronize a clothing boutique I remembered from when I lived in New York, but upon turning the corner I realized it was no longer there, and in its place was the newly opened Luscious NYC. Well, being the lingerie aficionado that I am, I simply had to scope it out.

Inside, crisp white walls showcase lingerie labels while plum curtains and a large crystal chandelier flank the dressing area. The boutique has a very boudoir feel without feeling stuffy. In fact, the service was superb; a very friendly sales associate who was very knowledgeable on all the lines.

Among the labels I spotted were Elle Macpherson Intimates, Betsey Johnson, Chantelle, Jenna Leigh, Stella McCartney and Blush (which was what I purchased, go figure).

Luscious NYC also houses a variety of swimwear that is available year-round (!), as well as shapewear and sleepwear.

If you’re planning a trip to NYC soon, you should definitely check out Luscious NYC to get your lingerie fix!

Luscious NYC is located at 104 Prince Street, and you can visit them online at

Luscious NYC lingerie shop

Luscious NYC lingerie shop

Luscious NYC lingerie shop

Luscious NYC lingerie shop
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