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Goa swimsuit by Destineau Swimwear
Capri swimsuit by Destineau Swimwear

Has the Eat, Pray, Love phenomenon left you hankering for an exotic holiday? Or perhaps you’re just back from vacation, and wishing you could hang on to your travel memories?

Destineau Swimwear, and independent label based in Toronto, has a nifty solution that lets you fantasize about exotic travel destinations while lounging by the backyard pool.

Destineau offers a range of 7 swimsuits whose patterns are meant to evoke the experience and style of some of the world’s top holiday destinations.

The Goa one-piece (top left), for instance, employs henna-like patterns on an aquamarine background to conjure up impressions of the Indian beach oasis. Bring on the mango lassi!

Destineau offers brightly colored bikini patterns representing Miami and Rio, tropical two-pieces based on the Seychelles and Los Cabos, as well as a nautical-themed one-piece that would be at home in Capri (top right). There’s even a rustic gingham print bikini that is perfect for the Hamptons.

The collection is the brainchild of Destineau designer Courtney Wotherspoon, who says it was “born of the idea of being able to take the feeling of your favorite destinations with you.”

Destineau swimwear is available in a number of Toronto boutiques, but you can also contact the company directly and arrange custom sizing.

And for those new moms out there, be sure to check out the mommy-daughter matching bikinis available in both the Rio and Hamptons styles.

Rio swimsuit by Destineau
Rio baby's swimsuit by Destineau
Seychelles bikini by Destineau Swimwear
Los Cabos bikini by Destineau Swimwear
Hamptons swimsuit by Destineau Swimwear
Hamptons swimsuit for baby by Destineau Swimwear
Miami bikini by Destineau Swimwear

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