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Bra-baring Flight Crew Ads Take Off
Posted by richard | August 13, 2010
SOL Lingerie

Stressed-out, underappreciated flight attendants are everywhere in the news these days. Well, here’s one surefire way to keep unruly passengers in their seats and make them pay attention during safety drills.

A popular Denver lingerie boutique has rolled out this head-turning ad campaign to promote its store and online shop.

SOL Lingerie has gone all-out with the creative marketing concept, dressing models as flight attendants to show off new fall lingerie pieces against an authentic backdrop provided by the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum. The company even designed a “SOL Air” logo similar to the iconic Pan-Am emblem, a set of pilot’s “wings” promoting the campaign’s theme “Destination SOL”, custom luggage tags, and imitation boarding passes that announce the shop’s upcoming campaign launch.

Wow. That’s a heck of a lot of creative for a single store, but then the folks at SOL aren’t shy about promotion. The airline campaign was developed by store co-founder Cindy Johnson, a well-known bra-fitting expert who has appeared on the Today show nine times.

If you live in the Denver area, you can visit SOL in the Cherry Creek North area to pick up your “boarding pass” for the Aug. 25 launch party and to check out their collection of fine European lingerie brands.

Here’s a few more images from the campaign. Something tells me they’re going to be showing up in a lot of flight crew locker rooms!

SOL Lingerie

SOL Lingerie

SOL Lingerie
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