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Toronto Fans Shower Tim McGraw With Love … And Bras
Posted by richard | August 9, 2010
Tim McGraw in Toronto, Aug. 7 2010

How hot is it in Toronto this summer?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Lady Gaga played in her underwear. This weekend, Tim McGraw played with … yours.

A lusty, mostly-female crowd at the country hunk’s concert here on Saturday showered Tim with dozens of bras after he sat at the edge of a walkway to sing ‘Down On The Farm’. Suddenly, a bra sailed towards him from the crowd, followed by a bra-storm that lasted several minutes.

The embarrassed singer apparently hung a few on bandmate Rob Minner’s guitar, before the crew whisked the goods offstage. No word on whether any of them might fit Faith Hill.

We tried to find some video of the ruckus, but the best we could come up with is the fan video below — you can’t hear the music very well, but you’ll get a good sense of the fan frenzy.

Ironically, Tim’s latest episode as an undies-magnet comes hot on the heels of a public pronouncement from Welsh crooner Tom Jones — who must surely own more women’s knickers than any other man in history — asking his fans to stop flinging their panties at him while he’s onstage. Not that he minds the gesture, he said, it’s just that he’s 70 now and — I quote — “not as horny” as he used to be.

Maybe Victoria’s Secret should sponsor a Tim McGraw/Tom Jones double bill!

Photos courtesy Toronto Sun

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