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Flapper Swim Styles From Tyra Therman
Posted by amy | August 6, 2010
Tyra Therman | Hawaii Swim Collection 2010

How much fun is this fabulous vintage swimwear collection from — of all places — Finland?

It’s called the “Hawaii” collection and it’s the work of independent designer Tyra Therman, founder of the Miranda Lingerie luxury label in Helsinki.

Tyra is drawn to vintage styles in her rather serious lingerie and bridal corsetry collections, but who would have expected the sheer frivolity in this delightful swimwear line?

Tyra reaches all the way back to the 1920s to evoke the sauciness of the Flapper-girl style, while the high waists and skirted hems in the collection also bring to mind Doris Day and other 1960s pinup icons as well.

But it’s the colors and patterns that will draw stares from the far end of the beach — perky pink candy stripes, bubbly polka dots and classic pinstripes. And the floral accents and discreet bows give these pieces a jaunty tropical flair, too. Just what you want when practicing your hula!

The swimsuits in the Hawaii collection are priced between 60-75 Euros, or about $100 US.

You can check out the collection on Tyra’s site or visit her online shop on, which is a Finnish equivalent to in North America.

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