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Emily Blunt | Elle

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September is around the corner, and you know what that means — the annual fight for front-row space (and your eyeballs) by the world’s top magazines.

From the looks of things, there’s a trend emerging in this year’s September slugfest: take a hot young star, add some luxe lingerie, point-and-shoot and, presto, there’s your cover.

First off the mark are these two entries:

  • Rolling Stone‘s cover story on Katy Perry, with the It Girl climbing out of (or into?) bed in a cutaway bra and panties. Apparently RS is still a music mag.
  • Elle Magazine‘s cover of future Oscar winner Emily Blunt, decked out in a stunning lace, silk and tulle ensemble, with some truly awesome tights. Who knew Young Victoria could be so stylish?

But this fall’s magazine battle is hardly a fair fight, not after Vanity Fair landed the ubiquitous but endlessly fascinating Lady Gaga for a cover, a revealing photoshoot (look for the plastic-wrap dress!) and a tell-all interview. Here’s a slightly NSFW sample of what’s inside.

As for the rest of the fall mags: good luck keeping up.

Lady Gaga | Vanity Fair September 2010
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