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Intimissimi Debuts New Shapewear Line
Posted by amy | August 3, 2010
High-waisted Leggings from Intimissimi Shaping Collection

Good news and bad news today for lovers of fine Italian lingerie.

Intimissimi, the high-end lingerie line in the Calzedonia empire, has just unveiled its Fall 2010 collection — and it’s gorgeous (more on that later).

But the really good news is that Intimissimi has used the occasion of the fall season to launch an elegant shapewear line which it is calling its “Shaping Collection”.

Although the line is limited to seven pieces, Intimissimi makes a credible entrance into the crowded shapewear market with a collection that favors style over gut-squishing technology.

Control panels are subtly concealed under a lace-like mesh fabric in most pieces. These aren’t heavy-duty compression garments, but they’ll provide some welcome support in key places for those important occasions!

The Intimissimi Shaping collection includes a wireless triangle bra and an underwire bra; a bodysuit; a high-waisted culotte with suspender clips; a chemise; high-waisted shorts; and — a surefire hit — high-waisted leggings that firm up the hips and thighs. All pieces are available in pink or black.

Check out the images from the new collection featuring young actress Alisson Le Borges as the new face for Intimissimi Shaping.

Now the bad news: good luck trying to find this collection, or anything from Intimissimi, in North America.

Earlier this year, the company ended its short-lived licensing arrangement with Victoria’s Secret, and in the process lost its presence in more than 200 U.S. stores. Intimissimi does not have an online shop, and it hasn’t announced what it will do to fill the gap left by the Victoria’s Secret divorce. As near as we can tell, the only North American point of sale for Intimissimi is its E-Bay store — and it’s pathetic.

All of this would be understandable from a startup company struggling to establish a distribution network. But the Calzedonia Group is one of Europe’s most established retail franchises, with over 2,500 stores around the world. The Intimissimi brand alone pulls in about 400 million Euros a year for the company, so you’d think they could find a partner in North America.

If anyone knows where to buy Intimissimi lingerie in the U.S., please let us know!

High-waist Culotte and Daniela Underwire Bra from Intimissimi Shaping Collection

Shaping Chemise from Intimissimi Shaping Collection

Bodysuit from Intimissimi Shaping Collection

High-waisted Shorts and Wireless Triangle Bra from Intimissimi Shaping Collection

3 Responses to “Intimissimi Debuts New Shapewear Line”

  1. LinGirlie says:

    So many times I’ve heard about shapewear. I think it is time to try it)

  2. Shapewear Lover says:

    Finally, shapewear that doesn’t look like the ones worn by our grandmothers! I love it that I can get the figure I want, while wearing something pretty :)

  3. shapewear girl says:

    nice lingeries!! gotta have one for myself! do you have shapewears as well?

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