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Glee Star’s Peek-A-Boo Photoshoot
Posted by amy | August 31, 2010
Lea Michele_Glamour Magazine Sept 2010

Lea Michele has kept her image squeaky-clean as she rocketed up the ranks of Hollywood starlets over the past couple of years.

Now, the Glee dynamo drops her veil ever-so-slightly with a peek-a-boo photoshoot in the September issue of Glamour magazine.

Above: Lea covers up in a Brochu Walker sweater and a bra from No. 21.

Below: Briefs from Elle Macpherson Intimates and a cardigan by Magaschoni.

You can check out the rest of the editorial, titled “Little Miss Big Time”, over at Glamour.com. Or wait a couple of weeks till Glee returns for Season 2!

Lea Michele_Glamour Magazine Sept 2010
Lovable’s Juicy Summer Campaign
Posted by amy | August 30, 2010
Jennifer Hawkins for Lovable

Summer is still around the corner in Australia, and we’re starting to see some of the new seasonal lingerie offerings from Australia and New Zealand fashion designers (most of whom are at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre this week for the Fashion Exposed tradeshow).

One label that’s keen to raise temperatures down under is Lovable, whose girly lines can be found in hundreds of department stores and lingerie boutiques around the country.

Lovable is the Aussies’ answer to Victoria’s Secret, offering an extensive range of bras as well as sleepwear and lingerie separates that are favored primarily by the youth and young adult market.

Lovable is also well-known internationally for its humorous and boundary-pushing marketing — and their latest effort certainly keeps that tradition alive.

Lovable spokesmodel Jennifer Hawkins appears in series of print and TV spots this week to promote the company’s Love Colour collection of candy-hued undies. The juicy spots have tongues wagging and pulses racing — and girls reaching for their bank cards.

Here’s some more images from the Lovable campaign, or you can visit their website to view a companion video.

Jennifer Hawkins for Lovable
Jennifer Hawkins for Lovable
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La Senza_Double Push Up Bra

Everywhere you looks this season — whether in fashion or pop culture — cleavage is back in a big way.

Décolletage reigned supreme at Louis Vuitton’s F/W collection and Mad Men office manager knockout Christina Hendricks has become the poster girl for a new era of curvaceous couture.

While it’s refreshing to see ‘real’ figures celebrated rather than stick-thin waifs, what’s a girl to do if she’s blessed with a little less natural endowment?

Enter La Senza’s Double Push Up Bra, which promises to take you up two cup sizes instantly without going under the knife! The Canadian lingerie company, a division of Limited Brands (which also owns Victoria’s Secret), releases the double push-up bra nationwide this week.

The La Senza Double piggybacks on a trend we first noticed last year, when UK label Ultimo launched its no-nonsense Mega Boost bra with silicone padding to provide extra oomph. The Ultimo doubler was quickly followed by a copycat from Marks & Spencer, and then earlier this year by the Victoria’s Secret Miraculous, which also uses padding to achieve the extra lift.

The La Senza Double is offered in a myriad of colors and prints, and will definitely turn some heads — in fact, it should come with some sort of hazard warning.

To get instant pin-up girl appeal, the Double Push Up Bra ($42.50) is available at lasenza.com.

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Adriana Lima | Barely News

Look, Honey! I’m a Calvin Klein model!
Just when you thought men’s underwear marketing couldn’t get any creepier, Calvin Klein comes along and lowers the bar again.

CKU is inviting men from around the world to make unscripted webcam videos of themselves wearing CKU’s ‘X’ boxers and submit them to the CKU website so the rest of us can check them out.

The X Marks Your Spot campaign includes a website featuring a world map with little X’s showing the origin of their average-joe models. So far, all the submissions seem to come from buff actor/models, which makes us think submissions are screened before being posted (thank goodness!).

But be warned, if your stripper vid gets posted, Calvin Klein will also include your full name.

Submissions considered lewd, rude, pornographic or in poor taste will, as always, end up on YouTube.

Renata Sozzi | Barely News

Must be something in Brazil’s water
Is there a new angel getting fitted for wings over at Victoria’s Secret?

The twitterati (at least the Portuguese-speaking ones) were buzzing yesterday with reports that Brazilian model Renata Sozzi has signed up to join the VS core modeling crew. If the reports are true, the willowy brunette would join two other Brazilian models, Adriana Lima and Allesandra Ambrosio, in the current Angel squad.

(That’s Adriana in the photo above, sneaking a few carbs during her visit to Toronto this week.)

Renata certainly seems like a good fit for the insanely busy VS team, which must be looking for fill-ins for the pregnant Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes. The most recent addition to the Angels was Chanel Iman earlier this summer.

Michelle Mone | Barely News

The ultimate DIY boss
Speaking of plum jobs for lingerie models, Ultimo chief Michelle Mone is in a bit of pickle.

Michelle fired bombshell Kelly Brook two weeks ago over the Ultimo model’s increasingly R-rated side gigs, leaving the brand without an A-list face and figure to promote its upcoming fall line. It’s a potentially huge loss for the UK label, which enjoyed strong sales growth this year thanks in part to Kelly’s promotion of the cleavage-boosting Miracle Solutions bra.

Ultimo is busy searching for a new lead model, but these will be big shoes to fill — previous Ultimo models have included Mel B, Helena Christensen and Rachel Hunter.

This week, Michelle took matters into her own hands, modeling her company’s products herself during her first-ever lingerie shoot. She then donated the fees she would have paid a model to two charities.

And how did the 39-year-old exec muster the courage? By having a cold shower and drinking half a bottle of wine just before the shoot.

Love means not undressing in public
Gossip hounds were frothing this week over news that Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend/costar Liam Hemsworth have ended their year-long romance.

The breakup was greeted with lots of finger-pointing from the celebrity press, with a number of reports suggesting that Aussie hunk Liam had grown increasingly uncomfortable with Miley’s onstage exhibitionism and public lingerie-wearing.

Girls, there’s a lesson in this somewhere.

Alexandra Cipriani | Barely News

Lingerie from another planet
When the aliens arrive — and you know they are coming — they’re going to need undies just like everybody else. Hopefully they’ll bring an American Express Black card with them.

That seems to be the thinking behind the decision by ultra-exclusive designer-stylist Alexandra Cipriani to launch a lingerie line this week.

The Hollywood-based Cipriani specializes in one-of-a-kind costumes and other fashion statements for the super-rich and frivolous. Example: she’s currently working on a 24K gold-plated outfit costing about $350,000.

Cipriani is perhaps best known for the ridiculously extravagant Monster Piece (above), which is adorned with 300,000 Swarovski rhinestones. Her lingerie pieces promise to be equally avant-garde, and it appears they will still be one-offs — and very expensive.

In fact, it’s a bit unclear why Cipriani announced the move into lingerie at all, since she accepts clients by appointment only. Check out some of her prototype designs below — you won’t see anything like it outside of Comic-Con.

Alexandra Cipriani | Barely News
Alexandra Cipriani | Barely News
Alexandra Cipriani | Barely News

A new wave in shapewear?
Invista, the textile giant that owns the Lycra brand, will unveil new technology and product enhancements this week that it says will launch “the next generation of shapewear”.

Invista will use the Paris Mode City fashion trade show to reveal its new Lycra fibre beauty fabric, aimed at lingerie manufacturers and retailers.

We’ll have to wait to see what Invista has been cooking up in its lab, and how it will affect the intimates industry. But here’s one sure sign that it’s something big: La Perla, the industry-standard luxe Italian label, is using the same Paris exhibition to unveil its first shapewear collection, using the new Invista products and technology.

La Perla’s new line will be called ShapeCouture and will debut on Sept. 4. No word on when it will be available, but expect a fall release date.

We’re waiting for the club remix version
Fruit of the Loom, which has a proud history of producing funny commercials to sell underwear, may have a hit on its hands.

The company’s latest commercial, called “Comfortably”, is a music video parody in which musicians dressed as fruit (you read that right!) perform an earnest ballad which comes across as a love song from your undies to you (yep, you read that right, too).

What else can we say? Check it out below. And then visit www.fruitguyfans.com for all the fun stuff like mp3 downloads, lyrics and a preview of other videos in the series.

But be warned: this tune will get stuck in your head. And you’ll hate yourself for it.

Ageless beauty
Cindy Crawford resurfaced this week in a lingerie photoshoot for the Russian deparment store Tsum, looking better than a 44-year-old body has a right to.

Cindy Crawford | Barely News

The 90s (and 80s!) supermodel has been busy with a variety of business and charitable enterprises, so she’s not as visible as she once was. Which is a shame.

However, the jaw-dropping industry response to Cindy’s latest shoot could mean we’ll see a lot more of this in the future.

Think about it: much-loved models like Kate Moss, Liz Hurley, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell (and many more) still have a thing or two to teach us all about beauty and style.

Nothing To Hide: Calvin Klein’s All-Zoe Channel!
Posted by melanie | August 27, 2010
Zoe Saldana for Calvin Klein Envy | Fall 2010

Last month we gave you the first glimpse of Zoe Saldana as the new face and bod for Calvin Klein’s Envy line, and now the Avatar star is back with three promotional videos to coincide with the launch of the new CK collection.

The videos provide a little sneak peek of the commercial that will air during the Emmy Awards telecast this Sunday.

In one of the videos, shot by fashion photographer Mikael Jansson, Zoe prompts the viewer to “ask her anything”, but coyly counters that to be open she doesn’t have to “give up all her little mysteries.”

While not CK’s most provocative work (anyone remember the racy CK Jeans commercial that alluded to a threesome?), Zoe does offer some personal tidbits like how she does have tattoos, but suggestively states: “Only few people know where they are.”

Check out the preview and related campaign images below, and set your TiVos for this Sunday!

And if that’s not enough, you can visit Nnothingtohide.com for more films, photos, and behind-the-scenes access to Calvin’s all-Zoe channel!

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