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Would You Break A Sweat In An $1,850 Sports Bra?
Posted by melanie | July 30, 2010
Body Rock Sport_TrentaBra_1

I rarely work out — like, ever. My idea of working out involves cycling to my favorite ice cream shop, which then kinda defeats the whole purpose of excersing in the first place. But I sure know how to dress the part while faux-exercising.

Anyway, all you gym rats obviously know the benefits of a good sports bra that provides ample support while looking stylish, but would you spend $1,850 on one? Well, apparently Kelly Dooley of BodyRock Sport thinks so.

BodyRock Sport is a Manhattan-based activewear label that combines function and fashion. Think Swarovski crystal accents, animal prints and sports bra with various levels of coverage from “keep ’em in” to “show ’em off”.

Her latest design was created in collaboration with jewelry designer  Joseph Knight of Knight & Hammer. The bra consists of a detachable gunmetal sterling silver bracelet and necklace, from Knight & Hammer’s Trenta collection. The black spandex and gunmental burnout bra, with black Swarovski crystal accents, costs — are you ready? — $,1850!

I totally understand wanting to look chic while working out (how else are you supposed to attract the cutie lifting weights?), but honestly, this is a health hazard. Imagine running on the treadmill in that bra?! You will totally take an eye out! And trust me, paramedics hoisting you onto a stretcher because one of the charms stabbed you in the eye — well, I think it’s pretty safe to bet that a black eye won’t up your chicness factor.

But I want to hear from you, dear readers! Would you wear this bra working out? Discuss!

Body Rock Sport_Trenta Bra

Body Rock Sport_Trenta Bra
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  1. LinGirlie says:

    The only question I have – WHAT FOR??? That is a waste of money!!!

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