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Cynthia Rowley for Pampers

Cynthia Rowley is quite the busy woman: not only did she collaborate with Roxy to design an uber-cool line of surf-inspired swimwear and apparel, but she also released a line of bridesmaid dresses, all while juggling the needs and demands of two children. And now she can add Pampers diaper designer to that ever-growing resumé!

That’s right, for a fraction of the cost of designer clothing, you can adorn your baby’s tush in fashion-forward diapers that will have him or her the envy of their playgroup peers. Not to mention they’ll be, um, pooping in style.

While admittedly not what you’d anticipate from a designer known for her frilly frocks, Rowley’s collaboration with Pampers does have its assets. For one, she does have children, so she obviously knows that quality and practicality are the utmost important factors in designing for tots, never mind she’s probably changed a gazillion diapers over the years. But it’s her cute designs that are appealing to fashionable moms everywhere.

Available at Target stores and online, the diapers will be sold in 11 styles for both boys and girls, from babies to toddlers. The disposable diapers feature patterns which include madras, stripes, gingham, ruffle patterns — even faux back pockets!

Of her partnership with Pampers, Rowley released this statement:

“As a mom, I wanted other parents to have more options in every part of their lives — even diapers, […] It’s the first piece of clothing your baby will ever wear, and it should be special.”

While your baby may not wear designer diapers on a daily basis, they do make an undeniably thoughtful gift for the parent with discerning taste.

To have your baby cruising in style, Cynthia Rowley for Pampers diapers are currently available online at and in stores.

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