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Today’s savvy modern bride, seeking a fashionable twist on the “something old, something new” adage, is rediscovering the centuries-old tradition of assembling a lingerie trousseau.

Traditionally — well, at least during the Victorian era and still in many cultures today — the bridal trousseau is a collection of exquisite lingerie that the bride-to-be will wear on her wedding day, honeymoon and the happily thereafter.

Trousseaus, although no longer considered a modern wedding “must-have”, were an absolute necessity for the brides of earlier eras (during the Victorian period, young women would lovingly assemble their own trousseaus before they were even engaged!). Often compiled and placed into a ‘hope chest’ or cedar chest for the bride to receive on her wedding day, a bridal trousseau often consisted not only of lingerie but also fine linens and numerous gowns.

The great thing about a modern bridal trousseau is that you can assemble the collection of lingerie based on your needs and personal fashion style — although it still makes for a sentimental gift if given to you prior to your nuptials.

Seeing as how I conveniently own a cedar chest (my grandfather crafted it years ago and has since passed away, thus it has immense sentimental value), I thought I would create my very own imaginary bridal trousseau — lingerie pieces I would most definitely want, were I to become engaged.

The three main types of lingerie you may want to consider when selecting pieces for your bridal trousseau are undergarments for your wedding day, romantic styles for the wedding night and seductive head-turners for the honeymoon.

On your wedding day, you’ll most likely want supportive pieces that will smooth out any lumps and bumps and create an enviable silhouette. Also, you’ll want to select shaping undergarments that will work under your style of dress  — if you have yet to select your dress, you can always toss in a thigh garter! I especially love Agent Provocateur‘s “Cynthia” thigh garter with a touch of blue ribbon and La Perla‘s white ruffle bridal garter.

As for shapewear, DKNY‘s strapless Auto Stripe bra will give you minimal support and a seamless look, while Ender Legard Corsetry’s “Carmen” stretch-silk bodice provides ample coverage and support in the front, but has a low-cut back for more back-baring dresses. La Perla‘s seamless lace corset gives you the best of both worlds: from the front, the corset features a smooth appearance with molded cups, but the back features sexy sheer lace paneling. Simply gorge.

Once the memorable ceremony and after-party have ended, it’s on to celebrate your first night together as husband and wife! Even if you’ve been together for 10 years prior to getting hitched, it’s still arguably one of the most important, romantic and significant nights you’ll share with your husband — obviously, a girl’s gonna want to look her best.

Seeing as though we’re all different when it comes to our fashion choices — one may prefer a slinky negligee while another may feel more comfortable and sensual in a silk camisole and boyshort — I’ve compiled different styles to suit various fashion style personalities for the special night.

Go-to label for sexy lingerie, Agent Provocateur‘s “Cara” Ivory short slip will definitely entice your lover paired with a thigh garter and kitten mules.

For the more demure woman, La Perla‘s elegant “Croisette” long nightgown makes a grand entrance while Layla L’Obatti‘s “Nadia” set, with its soft cup bra and boyshort, is perfect for the feminine woman. Similarly, Fleur of England‘s “Something Blue” silk cuffed boudoir bra and bow-tie panty will most definitely appeal to the traditional girly-girl.

For the morning, La Perla‘s “Maison” short silk robe with matching camisole and boyshort is a relaxed but luxurious option to unwind in.

Hopefully, once your wedding day has passed, you’re off to celebrate your union with a blissful honeymoon! Wherever you’re going (Bali, Italy or Thailand), you can choose seductive lingerie that also suits the local in which you’ll be — for instance, you wouldn’t only want overly fussy corsets in Thailand. Regardless of destination, however, there are some traditional sexy pieces that one can add to their trousseau. Again, there are no rules, but unlike your wedding night (where romantic and sensual styles are predominant) color and more adventurous styles are definitely encouraged!

A heart-stopping no-brainer? Anything in va-va-voom red. Never dull, AP’s “Love Basque” combines femininity and major sex appeal. With its balconette  push-up, bows and lace, it’s a ravishing look that will give your partner serious heart palpitations.

Another no-fail option is a style in smoldering black. Choose from DKNY‘s lace “Belle du Jour” balconette push-up bra and matching thong, or Kiki de Montparnasse’s playful silk Wrap Teddy. La Perla‘s “New Venus” bodysuit is a bold and seductive teddy with its sheer bodice and scalloped inserts — pair with a high-waisted pencil skirt and jacket for a sleek and sexy evening look.

So whether you’re recently engaged or have set the date, start a new tradition by creating a modern bridal trousseau! With exquisite and carefully selected lingerie, a trousseau will ease your stress on the exciting day and have you looking picture perfect.

Products Mentioned (hover or click on images for more information)

Thigh garter by La Perla
Cynthia garter by Agent Provocateur
Seamless lace corset by La Perla
Seamless lace corset by La Perla
AutoStripe strapless bra by DKNY
Carmen stretch-silk bodice by Ender Legard Corsetry
Nadia bra and panty ensemble by Layla L'Obatti
Something Blue silk bra and panty by Fleur of England
Croisette longslip by La Perla
Cara ivory short slip by Agent Provocateur
Maison silk-blend camisole and boyshort by La Perla
Maison short silk-satin robe by La Perla
New Venus bodysuit by La Perla
Silk wrap teddy by Kiki de Montparnasse
Love basque by Agent Provocateur
Belle Du Jour balconette bra by DKNY

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