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It’s getting mighty close to back-to-school time — not the books-and-classes part, just the obligatory shopping blitz.

And to remind us, Victoria’s Secret has come out with a new photoshoot featuring Behati Prinsloo, darling cover girl and face of the VS Pink® line of lingerie and accessories for college cuties.

This season, VS Pink borrows heavily from other Victoria’s Secret branded collections, especially in its abundant use of animal prints. To make the point, VS Pink is even offering a free animal-print stuffed puppy (like the one Behati is holding above) with every purchase online.

There’s nothing very original in this season’s VS Pink catalogue, but that shouldn’t be a surprise or a deterrent. After all, the entire Pink collection is aimed at dorm-room conformists — the kind of kids who feel too “grown-up” for Gap, but aren’t yet ready to patch together a personal style.

Still, it’s all quite cheap and comfortable and, gotta say it, cute as a button. Plus, VS Pink does a masterful job of expanding the concept of “underwear” to include such lounging staples as sweat pants and hoodies and leggings — all made for combining with your zebra-print bralettes and lacy thongs.

As you can tell, I’m pretty ambivalent about the whole VS Pink collection and its ubiquitous self-promoting logos. We have a daughter in college and, quite frankly, I hope “Think Pink” isn’t the only thing on her mind when classes resume!

None of which is a knock against Behati, who is one of the most likable models in the VS stable. Behati is also an aspiring photographer and good friend of Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha. If you want to see something really fun check out the engagement photos she took in Central Park just before Coco’s wedding last month.

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