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Vacation Swimwear: Dress To Impress On Miami Beach
Posted by melanie | July 19, 2010
Miami Beach Swimwear


If last week’s summer vacation in the Hamptons was a little too low-key for you, then today you’ll definitely love where we’re going — Miami! The polar opposite of the Hamptons’ tranquil environment, Miami is where people travel to play, party and, above all, get noticed.

Not only did Will Smith devote an entire song to Miami’s infamous party scene, but it’s also where those Kardashian sisters soak up the sun and get into trouble as seen in Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. Oh, and who could possibly forget that the gel-slicked, muscle-bound guido and guidette posse from the Jersey Shore infiltrated the sunny destination to film their second season of debauchery.

If lounging by the hotel pool to perfect your summer glow in your oversized Gucci shades and Jimmy Choo heels sounds like your idea of the perfect vacation, then you’ll undoubtedly need look-at-me sexy bikinis and cut-out one-pieces — after all, you need to look your best if ever the paparazzi strike.

No-brainer swimsuits to bring are white-hot numbers, as they’ll pop against your glowing bronze skin. Of course I had to include swimsuits from the Kardashian sisters, as they can never seem to resist frolicking on the beach while dressed to impress, ‘unaware’ that the paparazzi are documenting their every move. R-i-g-h-t.

Anyway, from the sisters’ collaboration with Beach Bunny, I’ve selected the ultra sexy Kourtney one-piece. Also in white are two styles from Melissa Odabash; a daring Grecian-esque cutout swimsuit and a teeny-tiny white bikini aptly named Miami.

Another key look that is sure to garner lots of attention is metallics, especially in lamé fabrics. Hey, it’s Miami — you could walk down the street in Victoria’s Secret topless bikini and no one would flinch. A glamorous liquid gold bikini from DVF is perfect to match the bling you’ll be sporting, while more subdued in color, Melissa Odabash’s olive cut-out one-piece is no less alluring. And if you’re feeling especially daring, why not opt for Beach Bunny’s purple lamé snakeskin bikini called Paparazzi … the name says it all.

The final trend to try while you’re lounging along Coconut Grove is animal print. But not just any animal print — I’ve compiled two swimsuits created from seductive snakeskin fabric. Again, I’ve chosen the sultry Kim snakeskin bikini from the Kardashians’ collection for Beach Bunny (I swear these girls live in swimwear 24/7). For a one-piece option the Laura cut-out from Vix features the sexy snake print, but with a flirty tie and feminine ruffle.

Check out my choices belown, and just remember three things before you leave for Miami: your slinkiest swimsuit, tanning oil and don’t forget to check your modesty at the airport. Bienvenido a Miami!

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  1. Susan says:

    Great post!!! All of those picks will help you fit right in with the Miami Beach scene :) I especially love your Melissa Odabash Swimwear picks!

  2. LinGirlie says:

    Is snakeskin good for swimming? I would really love to have such a swimsuit. Each one of them lokks fabulous!!!!

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