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Insight Swimwear
Insight Swimwear
Insight Swimwear

It’s springtime in Australia, and you know what that means … time to hit the beach!

And for designers it’s time to start shipping all those fabulous new collections of swimwear fashions that they’ve been working on all winter.

Insight Swimwear, part of the Insight51 label, is one such Aussie brand that’s just come out with its Spring 2010 line (yes, it gets confusing for those of us in the northern hemisphere!).

Insight’s swim collection leans heavily on bikinis — if you’ve ever been to Bondi or Cairns or the Whitsundays, you’ll know why! — but it’s still a well-rounded line. There are underwire bikinis, triangles, bandeaus — lots for the sheilas to choose from. Although my fave, surprisingly, is the strapless one-piece in the gallery below.

Insight also goes for bold patterns, which is why their campaign materials puzzle me. The promo shots are all very misty-foggy — evocative of summer haze, I suppose — but to my eye it mutes the colors and patterns in the Insight line.

Make up your own mind by checking out the 2010 Insight Swimwear campaign below. And you can learn more about this brand over at

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