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Making Waves | Another Magazine

I am a total sucker for well-composed fashion editorials — it’s one of the main reasons I keep stacks and stacks of magazines that threaten to overtake my room (some well beyond 10 years old and which I just cannot part with).

Along with Daria Werbowy’s tantalizing spread in French Vogue to the Lake & Stars ever-imaginative campaigns, Another Magazine’s first swimwear fashion story, Making Waves, makes the list of my favorite fashion editorials.

Shot exclusively for the AM website, the swimwear spread was conceived on the shores of La Coru&#241a, Spain. El Sigh. The result? A breathtakingly beautiful and simple concept: swimwear and sand.

Okay, so it’s not the most innovative idea, but unlike all the bronzed and voluptuous glamor models, Another Magazine chose to use a Serbian furniture designer named Ana. Now how’s that for different?

While fashion editor David St. John-James picked some of the season’s hottest swimsuits from the likes of Lisa Marie Fernandez, Calvin Klein, Mother of Pearl and Yves Saint Laurent, it’s Ana’s vulnerability that photographer Lina Scheynius captured, and which drew me in.

Not only am I intrigued by her vulnerability, but the serene atmosphere — echoed in Ana’s languid body movements — washes over me like a wave of tranquility.

This sense of peace is exactly want I hope to have on vacation next week. Whatever Zen secrets Ana is practicing, I want in.

So what I do I think of the mag’s first foray into swimwear editorials? Here’s hoping for another.

Check out the spread online at And click on the images below to learn what Ana is wearing in each shot.

Making Waves | Bikini by Yves St. Laurent

Making Waves | Bikini by American Apparel

Making Waves | Bikini by Yves St. Laurent

Making Waves | Swimsuit by Acne

Making Waves | Swimsuit by Calvin Klein

Making Waves | Swimsuit by Mother of Pearl

Making Waves | Swimsuit by Mother of Pearl
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