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Miranda Kerr In VS Cotton Lingerie
Posted by amy | July 14, 2010
Miranda Kerr | Victoria's Secret Cotton

Ah, summertime and the livin’ is easy … especially if you’re Miranda Kerr.

The future Mrs. Bloom is raising temperatures again with this latest photospread from Victoria’s Secret, promoting its new collection of cotton undies.

In the campaign and accompanying YouTube video, Miranda lays about in a brightly lit high-rise bedroom, thoroughly relaxed and sporting a nasty case of bedhead as she models a collection of cotton bras and panties, plus a sweet set of pink knee-highs.

The latest VS offerings aren’t big news — these are cotton undies, folks! — just simple, cute items that will fit very nicely into the Victoria’s Secret catalogue and satisfy the need for new product.

Nope the news here, as is so often the case with VS, is the marketing campaign behind it all. What’s not to enjoy?!!

Here’s the new video, with some photos from the latest VS Cotton collection:

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